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  1. So I will be going to SFNE next Saturday, August 31st, and it will be my first time in the park. I'm excited to finally get a chance to ride some real roller coasters (elitches gardens as a "home" park is sad). Any guesses on how busy the park will be that day? Will flash pass be worth it? And do they still have the single rider line through the exit of bizarro?
  2. Carnival's new commercial: I can't tell what ship he is on, but if it is a carnival video he has good reason for making this video.
  3. I like the view from the Cliffhanger Coaster at Glenwood Adventure park, but the ride is nothing compared to the rides at that park.
  4. Well my technique for the SLC at Elitch Gardens is to place my head all the way back then hold on the the padding up top rather than the metal bars they provide you with. I've never fully tried it, but your first idea I feel like would be quite painful as even with a lot of strength it would be hard to hold your head in place the whole ride but I don't know. If worst comes to worse just ride it out, it'll all be over soon enough.
  5. The SLC is rough, but that's expected. Trying to think of a way to describe it I can say that my GP friends were excited to ride it the first time of the day, and after the third they absolutely hated it. IMO it is a little smoother in the front than the back, but defensive riding is necessary. As for the boomerang it was a similar situation, but I even enjoyed the first ride. Position is just preference on this ride. Twister II hurts. My friend and I tried to ride with our hands up but it just wasn't possible at points to suffer the banging. The worst is how the restraint punishes your IT band on your thigh so watch out. I recommend the front, it just gets worse as you move back in the train. As for the other coasters, sidewinder is a lot of fun that rarely has a wait. It does have the most airtime of any ride in the park, but for some reason during the loop can be a bit rough. Half-pipe will attempt to separate you from your man parts, but is fun.
  6. Ha, this looks better than any of the Disney versions! I see a very sad Mario in this plate. I like the roller coasters so far, really a great showcase of China's best. This looks like it's an awesome trip. #Breaking:chinesefoodtastelikechinesefoodeveninchina#chinese#hashtags
  7. Kombo at the Indianapolis Zoo on Sunday. (photo from RCDB) Yea I'm a whore, I rode it by myself....
  8. So which backwards launch will be better, Full Throttle's or Gatekeeper's? /sarcasm I'm a bit apprehensive to this ride, seems short and really just built for the record, but after watching the video a few times they made a few good design choices (IMO). Such as before going over the loop it doesn't come up the one side vertically, but when it is going back down the other side it looks like it reaches vertical looking like it will make some good airtime there (but seemingly only there).
  9. Flip a coin, see which side it lands on. It's interesting to see a ride switch just from parks within a chain. I am surprised Vekoma has never expended on the idea of the boomerang with different layouts and such, ya know, switch it up a bit.
  10. Senior year seems like it's going to be pretty easy. 1st - off 2nd - Economy 3rd - off 4th - off 5th - Language Arts 6th - IB Spanish 5 7th - IB Physics 1 8th - AP Stats Everything is really easy, Spanish will probably be the hardest class. ^ Why are you taking Yearbook if doing the diploma? And what is with all of the SLs and HLs in junior year. I am only familiar with how it works at my school (FHS, just a bit north of Lakewood). Oh and I have no idea if we swim against each other during the year because the leagues always change around, but if we do you're going down.
  11. 15/30. I'd say pretty good for having no idea for most of the questions.
  12. Awesome TR, really enjoyed all the different angles of the rides in the park. Some day I'll make it out to Hersey....
  13. I'm relatively new to getting into details about coasters ( ), am I misreading RCDB's results: http://www.rcdb.com/r.htm?ot=2&co=6848? I see that premier was just the broker for High-Roller, but what did they do for Powderkeg? Co-build it with S&S?
  14. I did notice on their FB page that they were the main sponsor of an event at SFMM a while back, so the relationship is there. Of course a park like SFMM (and a chain like SF) probably has a relationship with all major ride designers regardless. I've mentioned this before but the guy who runs Premier used to be a bigwig at SFMM. I think he may have had Burkhart's position or something similar. This was back when Batman was new, so 94-ish. So then whoever that is must of kept good relations with the parks because there really wasn't anything like the mid-2000s type of meltdown back in 94. I've only ridden 3 of their rides (High-Roller, Speed - The ride, and the Hollywood Mummy), and I only enjoyed one out of those, but they seem to be received well based on powder keg and their other launch coasters so I'm optimistic.
  15. Interested to see if Premier is involved with MM. I just took at a look at their website (http://www.premier-rides.com/), and man is it old. Just gotta wait 6 more days to find out......
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