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  1. This is a great app, loving it already. Just one question, are the pictures in the app TPR taken pictures or stock pictures from the internet? I'm curious.
  2. In Kansas City there are two haunts in particular that are really good. The Beast and The Edge of Hell aren't just good, they're HUGE. Both are about 4 stories tall and take almost a half hour to complete. If you're in the area during halloween season, check these out.
  3. Great photos. It's been a while since I've seen any updates on the ride.
  4. Spontaneously combusting yourself. What's worse than TPR shutting down?
  5. WOW. I was not expecting a slide complex like that, it looks amazing and is much needed. The only question I have is why they would combine the two parks into one, wouldn't they lose some money, or is the regular admission price increasing?
  6. According to Screamscape, Oceans of Fun is making their announcement tomorrow August 31st. Looks like we'll finally get to see what their new addition is (If they are even getting something lol).
  7. This ride looks simply amazing. RMC will most likely have the top 2 coasters of 2013 IMO. I'm really hoping that there will be more than 2 RMC projects for 2014, but that's too far away to care about right now.
  8. This looks like a fantastic ride, great speed at the beginning. However..... Um... I thought they were using Millennium Flyers for this...
  9. American Thunder is a clone of Thunderbird at Powerpark in Finland. http://www.rcdb.com/2955.htm
  10. Great TR. Anyone else think Deja Vu when they saw the SLC?
  11. I found the title of this video interesting, as well as the comments.
  12. Looks like a fantastic ride. Should be a perfect addition to the park. Yeah, still not the best ride in the park, but the GP will eat it up anyways.
  13. That looks like the old Python Plunge slides that were in Prowler's current midway/queue area. Yes, that is an older map, but those slides were never very popular so I'm fairly sure they wont be returning. I'm personally hoping the new slides are something similar to SFStl's Bonzai Pipeline slides.
  14. All coasters being removed and Congress passing a bill making roller coasters illegal. What's worse than your favorite ride breaking down right before you get your first ever chance to ride it?
  15. Yeah, Raptor wins it for me. Especially with that ending helix.
  16. Amazing picture, especially with the water shooting out from under the front wheel Looks like a lot of fun.
  17. All of the B&M coasters in the US being scrapped for Chinese knock-off coasters. What's worse than Chinese knock-offs?
  18. If they take out Diamond Head, I swear.. Hands down the best water slides at the park, and some of my favorite that I've ever been on. Yeah, that's my favorite slide also. You go around the turns fast enough that it almost feels you're going to fall out.
  19. Granted but the Cubs will never win another World Series...EVER. I wish American parks would build more Intamin Prefab woodies.
  20. That would be Grandson of Beast. I could see it going either way lol.
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