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  1. Yes, it is a $5.00 upcharge at the other CF parks that have it.
  2. B&M--Mantis-only painful B&M I've ever ridden. Intamin--Disaster Transport- I didn't really have a bad ride on it, but all the others I've been on are way better. GCI--I have yet to ride a bad one, but with a grand total of 2 of them so far, that doesn't mean much
  3. Yes, Dinos may bring in more money to the park, but I don't see how it has a wider demographic than kids. To me it's still just another family/kids attraction.
  4. A launched coaster, looping or not, is the one type of ride that WOF is really missing. They've got steel, wood, looping, shuttle, inverted, hyper, spinning... I hope that they fill that void with their next major ride. The only other coaster they are really in need of is a bigger family coaster, something that is a good step between Cosmic Coaster and Spinning Dragons
  5. If it rides anything like New Texas Giant, SDC has a major winner with this. It's already on my list of parks to visit next year. Can't wait to see pictures when they start building the first drop.
  6. This last offseason, WOF cleared out the small area where Wacky Worm was and moved the ride up to the front of Planet Snoopy and rethemed it to Cosmic Coaster, so something may go into that area for next year. Also, it's been 10 years since Oceans of Fun added anything, so they are also due for something new next year.
  7. A Prowler-like GCI with 18 whole airtime moments sounds simply amazing If I ever get back to visit Orlando I will definitely ride this.
  8. That's what I was assuming. The land belongs to them, saying the employee parking lot is located directly behind it (give or take). They have a hand full of good acreage back there too. I'm not sure how well that would work with the train tracks being right there behind them. Yeah, they could build a bridge over it but that seems like a lot of work for the park to do..
  9. Hello everybody! My name's Jeffrey, long time TPR reader, first time poster. Love this site I'm 18 and I'm a huge coaster fan. I live near Kansas City, MO, home park is Worlds of Fun A little bit about me: Favorite Wood: Prowler (pretty obvious) Favorite Steel: Millennium Force I love playing RCT2. I also enjoy playing sports and video games with my friends. So yeah, thats me. I'm really glad to finally be part of TPR!
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