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  1. Dear God, please let No Limits 2 have the TOGO padded cage trains. Amen. www.rcdb.com/1217.htm?p=14357
  2. Trust me, it will be worth the download. Is this a worlds first for No Limits?
  3. Here is my TOGO coaster in all its glory. It has the corks with the heartline roll through them for a unique feature. Game Exchange Link
  4. Really, shockwave was bad? I do not thick so at all. I thought it was a wonderful Japanese jetcoaster. I had no pain what so ever on the ride and I have ridden it two times. It is not a painful ride, just a great airtime filled ride with a Japanese helix of death.
  5. Here is a unique TOGO coaster with corks around the caged heartline roll.
  6. I really loved the ride. What do you think of the "I'm smoking on that gas" wooden coaster that I sent you?
  7. Here is a looping bobsled coaster that will be called 'let me love your sexy body coaster" or "I am drinking champagne on the airplane coaster." ""The loop prefab supports are temporary just for color scheme.""
  8. Here is all the lower track handrails removed plus some, m=slope of a line, geometry.
  9. When you look to the far end of the coaster, the supports are very blurry even though I have the resolution at 800x600. I tried a higher resolution but it didn't help. I tried putting the LOD to very far but that did not help either. Is that blurry look to that end of the coaster a fault of No Limits and will be fixed in No Limits 2?
  10. This is a wooden coaster that has a unique start with a small prelift and then the main lift. The outbound run is directly over the inbound run and the brake run. I am still working on cleaning up the messy auto supports and putting in crossover bracing .
  11. Skyrush in the very back right wing seat. It felt like a woodie it was so rattling and rough. My head was aching pretty good on the brake run from the roughness.
  12. It is done and uploaded. www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2744
  13. I have my harmen kardon sub woofer running while I run No limits and it adds a nice realistic low rumbling sound especially for the wooden coasters. Has anyone tried this cool bass rumble sound to your wooden No Limits coasters?
  14. I really hope for better catwalks that can be customized. I really want TOGO, Meiwa, Meisho, Takahashi Kikai Sangyo, Nippon, Senyo Kogyo, Sansei, Taniguchi Seisakusho, Saeki, Ikeda Works and Masago Industrial coaster track styles and their unique trains that go with them.
  15. You can make a coaster that launches at over 14,000MPH instantly much easier in RCT3.
  16. I have been working on this coaster that has a helix, two loops and two corks. It has custom squeeze brakes.
  17. Space 2000 Atomic Coaster, a Chinese rip off loop screw coaster. Notice the custom made clamp brakes.
  18. What a huge bummer. I was really hoping to go there to have my whole face completely chewed and eaten off by a real human.
  19. EDIT I found a mistake in my mockup of the layout and I revised it to be more true to the construction pictures. Here is what I can decipher so far about the layout of the new RMC coaster that is at Silver Dollar City. Can anyone decipher a more accurate layout than this? First drop and upwards left turn. Overbank. Updated turn just from reviewing the pictures of the real ride. It seems to go upwards and will do this twisty?
  20. Some sources reports that he was doing "repairs"on the ride. Why do you need to repair a coaster that is in perfect working condition? http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2012/07/06/la-ronde-montreal-roller-coaster_n_1655176.html
  21. I hope there is someone dressed up as a zombie in this park who will eat and chew half of my face off for me. That would be greatly appreciated.
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