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  1. With custom scenery, coaster trains, flat rides, and track, RCT3 has really become a whole new game. RCT2 is a classic though. Why not both?
  2. You can make a tunnel, but you just have to use a shallower drop. I think a shallow drop would look better anyway, the real one isn't that steep.
  3. I like to leave myself some space between me and the restraint on El Toro and Nitro and everyone I'm with freaks the f*** out. I was even told by a Toro ride op that it needs to press tight on me or else I will fall out. I hate people sometimes.
  4. Intamin Super Pack going live on http://www.twitch.tv/ctrsind soon. Come ask us questions and see the reveal of never before seen CT and CTR.
  5. So we decided that the Skyrush CTR wasn't good enough and are redoing it. I can post what I have done so far, so enjoy.
  6. I've been there once. Dragon Coaster is good fun, but everything else is pretty meh. I don't like the layout of the park that much. It would be cool to have a Legoland close by, but honestly there isn't much you could do to that park, at least in my opinion. I'd love to be proven wrong.
  7. I'm making them for him. There will be a generic version released as well, one for each different car pattern.
  8. Oh sorry! I didn't realize that I had copied the SGW link, thought it was the Youtube one. And I am a proud member of SGW, so fuck you all.
  9. Hello! I recreated Great American Scream Machine for a contest over on SGW and thought I might as well share it here. If it looks a bit rushed it's because of the time limit. Sorry! http://www.shyguysworld.com/index.php/topic,12500.0.html
  10. This was out first import, so some stuff didn't turn out correctly. Making the crossties circles is going to bring the poly count way too high, so I don't think it's the best idea. All of the shadow problems on the CTR have been fixed as well. Thanks so much!
  11. Of course we didn't forget about TPR (oops!) So this happened... Some Custom Track LODs: Some Custom Track:
  12. No, Park Inspector, you are not seeing things. Parallax is making dinosaurs.
  13. Now someone needs to blow up a coaster. Put explosives on the bottom of every support and let it drop!
  14. You guys didn't think we were gonna leave you hanging, did ya? Well yea, Parallax, Swiss, and I are back, and with alot of goodies to give to the community. Basically we promise everything we have said to be made before, plus with some bonus surprises! I apologize if anyone wanted this to be presented in update order, but the thread has been going on for a few months now on other forums and I don't feel like copying and pasting everything. I will, however, give you guys the pics! HyperSplash Custom Track HyperSplash CTR Intamin Double-Spine Custom Track More where that came from! Skyrush CTR Skyrush close-up Skyrush's butt Bow to the King! (Test dummies will be included with every CTR) Admire the details! Whoops, looks like we are back to the track. Don't be Intimidated... You are now up to speed with the Intamin Super Pack! Please comment, it makes us feel nice. Thanks!
  15. nin, I really love that! I assume that the green tunnel is meant to represent Kryptonite? It's a good idea, I think it might look better blue though. Either way it's amazing.
  16. I see you are new to coasters. OTSR= Over The Shoulder Restraints.
  17. I like it! Good job, can't wait to see it with the 3Ds added!
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