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  1. No such thing anymore. Selling those passes has turned the typical slow days into pass holder days. I went last Thursday and was surprised at how "dead" it was. All of the mazes were a walk-on at some point except for Paranormal (which became short at the end of the night). I was able to hit all of the mazes and Infected without Fright Lane with time to spare (waited 45 minutes for Infected). My guess is that future Thursdays will be busy and my visit was just early in the season.
  2. Awesome trip report! Excited to catch the last day and a half of the festival in November to kick off my first visit to Orlando (so happy they extended the dates this year!). Craft beer section... yummy.
  3. Thanks to everyone involved, from Robb and Elissa to the staff at Knott's and MM for another great West Coast Bash! We all had a blast enjoying the theme parks with good friends and can't wait to do it again! Special shoutout to those giving us tours at Knott's, they were awesome!
  4. ^Geez, 150-200 a night for being near Magic Mountain? Maybe the park really should think about opening up their own hotel/resort...
  5. Well, technically they did last season with the only addition being VR on Revolution. But two years in a row would be highly unlikely. They didn't just add VR on Revolution, they built new trains (and added an awesome LED package on the loop!). I'd say that's significant enough to not say they "sat out" the year.
  6. Beard level strong as of today... We'll see about WCB though.
  7. Got it yesterday. It was $130 to upgrade for those who are thinking about it. Well worth it though, being able to walk right onto all the rides (and also priority seating for the shows).
  8. Quick question: I know that the front of the line pass includes park admission. But what if I already have an annual pass? Do they sell a front of the line pass for existing passholders? Thanks!
  9. Great TR! Shanghai Disney looks like an awesome park. It looks like they had a successful opening day too.
  10. IMO you could have a ride with 1/3 the footprint of Autopia that would be just as popular.
  11. I went last night before closing and waited 90 minutes to ride. And it was well worth it! They really hit it out of the park with Ghostrider. I rode in the front row and there was plenty of airtime and good laterals. I'll be back next weekend to ride it in the back which I think will be the best row on this coaster. Good job Knott's! Hopefully the smoothness lasts a long time.
  12. Agreed, they really cranked up the intensity on the new version with Jakku!
  13. Well, I think the long lines can be attributed to the very low (for Disney) capacity of 1500 riders per hour.
  14. For me it comes down to how well-done the makeover and new story is. When the rumors started I didn't think it could be true, but now they're saying that they've been testing overnight for months, so I suppose it may really be happening (and they're saying May next year to coincide with the movie premiere to happen at DCA).
  15. What ride? I'm assuming you mean the escape ride, not the Millennium Falcon ride? I wonder how fast their trackless ride vehicles can go, assuming the ride is intended to be thrilling.
  16. The park was really dead last night considering they were open until 12. Indy was in great condition after its refurb and it was nice to see the pole in the queue "working" when you shake it (although the falling ceiling effect was not). From 10:30-12 I was able to ride the Matterhorn, Haunted Mansion, Indy 3 times in a row, and Hyperspace Mountain 3 times in a row (it was really that empty).
  17. Just saw the POV for the new coaster, and wow, it looks like it could be the best flyer in the world!
  18. Went to the park for the first time in 2 years to try the Harry Potter rides before it gets really crowded... and WOW!!! I was blown away at the quality of the area (on par with Disney's best theming, which is probably Cars Land). The butterbeer was amazing. The coaster was an okay family coaster. Forbidden Journey was absolutely INCREDIBLE. I think it may have the best queue of any ride, ever. It's a really immersive ride. USH better be ready to deal with record crowds! 2019 Diagon Alley anyone?
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