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  1. This is something I think a lot of people don't understand or know. There are those of us who appreciate the work put into TPR events, which are amazing and something to look forward to every year. So, thanks Robb, Elissa, and the parks for putting this awesomeness together for the enthusiast community every year, and hopefully it can stay that way!
  2. Was at the park on Sunday. Healthy crowd, with Goliath being over an hour wait due to meh operations. TC line moved pretty quick, but didn't get to duel. Was really amazing going from waiting an hour for Goliath then walking over to X2 and walking right into the station. Also saw a fight break out in front of Food Etc. (arguing was going on the exit side of the Goliath when I boarded). Security was a little slow to respond, but some normal staff members were able to break it up until security got there and they were escorted out. All coasters were running smoothly, even Riddler's which is as intense as ever.
  3. You guys are ridiculous, Skull Mountain is the #1 steel coaster. And the pumpkins just add to the ride's awesomeness.
  4. Free water? Next thing you know guests will be wanting things like shade and clean restrooms. It's a slippery slope. Haha yes I suppose I should know better since this is SFMM. I guess I don't know how good I have it at Hersheypark, we get free 8oz and sometimes free 24oz waters throughout the park. I think it might be a Pennsylvania law, I believe Dorney has it too, saves quite a bit of money throughout the season They were joking lol, SFMM gives out free water everywhere as does everywhere else in California, as it's a law here as well.
  5. I forgot to post this last weekend, but something very interesting has happened to Pirates. The long-absent scene with the woman chasing the man with the dough roller is BACK (this has been gone for quite some time). I barely noticed it as I went by so I didn't get a good look at it, but it looked like the animatronics are new. And the lady might be holding a knife now? Hopefully someone can get a good shot of it soon.
  6. The park has plenty of room to expand without taking out a coaster. Personally, I would love to see some some awesome flats.
  7. Tennessee Tornado was also one of the only coasters, and from my understanding possibly the only coaster by Arrow to use an updated track design (which is why it's the smoothest Arrow). As far as Lightning Rod goes, Dollywood now has two top five or two top ten wooden coasters!!!
  8. I mean, you could get the Gold season pass that includes both, or the Gold membership pass which will be far cheaper up front.
  9. Happy to say I just got my tickets! See you all there!
  10. I have no idea what a "Membership Pass" is, so you might want to contact the park on that question. it's essentially an auto renewing season pass, I have one and six flags views them exactly the same as a season pass, I have no doubt it will be fine. Thanks guys. I'll contact the park to make sure.
  11. Wouldn't maintenance schedules make it almost impossible for them to run 3 trains? They only have 3 right?
  12. Anyone know if the SFMM season pass pricing is also valid for the membership pass?
  13. That's what they were doing yesterday, they just were failing lol. Hopefully they're getting better!
  14. I agree with you. Better but flawed... If I'm going to watch a show I'll stick to Fantasmic.
  15. I would say it's more like a sign that the TC ride staff currently handles smaller crowds better than larger ones. If that's true it makes it even more unfortunate that every couple trains there's an empty seat where a single rider should be, so it probably really slows down the line on busy days. Part of that problem is that the single rider line is at the opposite end of the grouper...
  16. Went to the park yesterday - Wednesdays seem like good days to go during this busy summer season - pretty much 2 train operation on everything and both sides running on Superman. Finally got the mythical duel-duel on Twisted Colossus! I saw more duels yesterday since any other day - hopefully that's a sign of things to come.
  17. The Soarin upgrade is great! I was not a fan AT ALL before, but with the added clarity it's really impressive. I wonder if they're thinking about replacing the film they show at some point down the line.
  18. Yeah, on Indy the movements are randomly generated. Really? Then I must randomly get the same program EVERY time I ride it. Actually yes, they are. LA Times It was also mentioned by an Imagineer in a behind the scenes video or documentary, I am looking for that as well. EDIT: The official ride listing on Disney's site under section 3, "Treasures, Thousands of Adventures" says this about this ride: Indiana Jones
  19. I just watched Tokyo's version, and the scene they have instead looks pretty cool (nice of Robb to pan the camera around so we can see it)! I wouldn't mind something like that...
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