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  1. Thanks for answering my questions guys, I'm glad to be in such great coaster-loving company!
  2. I live right next to LAX, so I'm right between Magic Mountain, Universal, Knott's, and Disneyland!
  3. This looks really sweet! And my birthday is on the 25th, sounds like a plan!
  4. Hi all, I am new to the theme park enthusiast scene...! After going to Magic Mountain for the first time in the summer I have gotten really into all of this and am going back a second time on Saturday! I did a lot of searching but couldn't find a recent answer, so please forgive me if this has been asked (recently)... Does anyone know what the discount on flash passes is for Xtreme pass holders? I got the platinum pass for my first trip (worth it for the occasion, but probably won't get it again), but am planning on getting the Xtreme pass for all of the perks, including this, if I can get the details, as this isn't explained on the MM site. Thank you guys!
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