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  1. I am definitely putting my best effort into this park, so i would not go on to make the statement that I am "not trying" CC9. Although I am having a lot of fun building this park, and I am indeed striving for an accolade. As for the speculation that NE awards are "dumb," I would reconsider what you are saying there SoCal. The awards given by NE provide us parkmakers the insight to become better builders and designers. Many of the members over there, myself included, believe RCT is a means of artistic expression. The hatred toward the community over there is nonsense. If anything, you should be inspired by what many of them have done within the games limitations and not hold some sort of grudge against New Element. As for Starpointe, I hope to have an update soon. Thanks for all the support.
  2. This is coming along quite nicely DJ. A few things i would suggest is to attempt and break up the path a bit using a few textures. The food hut looks great, however i might bring the queues back to the pilars and create a counter for food pick up 1 block in and keep the condiment station on the side like you already have.
  3. UPDATE: Universal Studios Australia has announced the park will feature a B&M Floorless roller coaster named Iron Man.
  4. @dj - i like the interaction in that second screen. Your guests seem to enjoy viewing the coaster too.
  5. Judging from the blue print, the lift seems to have lift supports similar to intimidator 305. Maybe a giga?
  6. Shelther? The barrel rolls interaction with the queue is neat
  7. Announcement: Universal Parks and Resorts have proposed a new park for Australia. The park will be located just outside the city of Sydney and is projected to be Australia's largest and most exciting theme park.
  8. Absolutely remarkable John. Awesome ride with great special effects. That video was the best youtube video ive seen in a while.
  9. Looks neat ember. If the ride were to be a GCI however i believe it would have 12 cars rather 10.
  10. My entry for "Track of the Week" Panther http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=1860
  11. I believe the correct acronym for the site would be TPR. Other than that, your english is great and so is your recreation so far. Good work with the 3d modeling.
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