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  1. I am sure the video and logo makes it look worse than it is. Both of which look like they were made by a 10 year old, sorry Six Flags. After seeing press releases like Gatekeeper and Gold Striker, Cedar Fair definitely has the upper hand graphically and visually.
  2. Well, I am glad I kept my expectations low. More or less, this coaster is centralized around that signature element and the coaster could be much longer. The layout could have easily came out of that top hat and banked down to the left and entered a few more airtime hills or hugging the terrain with some more nice banking, but as it stands it ends as, if not more, abruptly than Kingda Ka. It seems that you will be launched at a nice speed out of that tunnel but all of the energy is lost with brakes that start on the descent of the top hat. Regardless, it does look fun and I will be renewing my season pass.
  3. I can confirm that Lex Luthor has a single rider line that usually begins at noon. I also know Revolution has one as well. Both of which are up the exits.
  4. I was just at the park today and unless they moved the parts sometime between 2 PM and now, they are still sitting idle behind Apocalypse.
  5. Here is a park I created for New Element's Head 2 Head 6 competition. Download
  6. You can still obtain some airtime in the back of Goliath on the first drop.
  7. Correct me if I am wrong, but this is a clone of Twist at Le Pal?
  8. I am highly anticipating this coaster. For its size, it looks like it will pack a punch. Just watching that animation made me feel the airtime. I think it's also really neat that this will be a hybrid.
  9. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=55041&hilit=happy+valley Looks similar to the one in Wuhan.
  10. From those screens I would now say it ISN'T a Sky Screamer. The flanges would obstruct the path of wheels scaling the tower. I'll just sit back for now until another shipment comes in.
  11. I think it is probable for Magic Mountain to purchase both a starflyer and a coaster for 2013. The park could use more "flat rides" and although there is Windseeker @ Knott's, there may be a chance that this could be similar to the starflyer in Vienna that would break the record for tallest swings in America.
  12. This stengal dive deserves its own name. I prefer the "Fakeout" or the "Turndown"
  13. I've got a strong hunch those are parts for a Sky Screamer that could go in Thrill Shot's place.
  14. Another trip to Magic Mountain this morning. I was registered for ERT on Lex Luthor from 930 AM to 1030 AM but the ride was experiencing some technical difficulties that delayed its opening. Therefore, there was no ERT this morning but the park gave out exit clearance passes that were good for one ride during the day. Nonetheless, I used my exit clearance and rode again using the single rider line. Ride List: Tatsu x2 Apocalypse x5 Goliath Lex Luthor x2 Batman
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