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  1. From the screens, it looks like the footers veer of the the right so I can't imagine it being a stengal dive...
  2. http://www.insidethemagic.net/2012/06/photos-the-rides-of-cars-land-disneyland-unveils-radiator-springs-racers-maters-junkyard-jamboree-and-luigis-flying-tires/ Great screens of Cars Land @ Inside the Magic
  3. I just went this Wednesday and it was dead. Went to the park for 2 hours and rode Goliath three times, Batman once, and Apocalypse 4 times without getting off. A few rides like X2 were closed due to the wind too. Goliath had a two train operation. Batman was running a two train operation but only loading one, and Apocalypse was running a two train operation. With that said some colleges get out Memorial Weekend so you could expect slightly more people but not many.
  4. Good video you captured there. I thought the course of the ride had nice pacing before, but now it looks awesome.
  5. This ride completely deserves the touches it is receiving at SFNE. Other than the green towers, this is looking great.
  6. I thought that would have been the case SFMMMan17. It was chilly today in Valencia and a bit gloomy. Not to mention it was a Monday.
  7. If that is for head 2 head you are foolish for showing that.
  8. I went to the park today, and even with this drill competition going on, the lines were fairly minimal. I entered the park around 12pm and the drill competition was going on at the Golden Bear Theater. There seemed to be a large crowd that filled the theater and I realized this would probably be the best time to knock out some of the better rides. With that said I made my way to Goliath which had a three train wait. My guest insisted to ride again and that is what we did. Goliath had two trains running. After Goliath, we headed over to Scream! and that was a walk on and was operating two trains as well. We made our way back to DC Universe to ride Green Lantern with a 30 minute wait and Wonder Woman with a walk on. Took a stroll over to Goldrusher and walked on that as well. Apocalypse was next, with a decent 20 minute wait and two trains operating. Moving counter-clockwise in the park we took a flight on Tatsu with a 40 minute wait. At this time they had two trains and both loading zones operating. After Tatsu, we headed down to X2 which had a 45 minute wait with two trains operating. We continued our journey down to Revolution where they were operating two trains and at no surprise had a walk on. With that said we rode twice in a row to get our Schwarzkopf fix. We exited out to the left and made our way up to Ninja where they were operating two trains and again had a walk on, so we rode that twice. We then made our way down the infamous M&M's steps and rode Tatsu again. This time however they were only operating on the right loading station, yet still had two trains going and to my surprise the wait was shorter at only 30 minutes. We finished off the day with a ride on X2 at night and waited 45 minutes again for that. All in all a nice day at the park and the drill team competition seemed to have little impact on the typical Sunday crowds. Daily Ride List: Goliath x2 Scream! Green Lantern Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth Goldrusher Apocalypse Tatsu x2 X2 x2 Revolution x2 Ninja x2
  9. Spotted a crane taller than X2 working on the apex of its lift earlier today. Anyone know the reason?
  10. This could be a far fetched dream since they just removed a family water ride, but i think a eurofighter similar to Takabisha @ Fuji-Q would be awesome. The First half of the ride would be gravity powered with the steepest drop in the US/world. After going through a few inversions (one being the banana roll) the ride would come to a launch through the monorail tunnel. After launching at about 60-70 mph the ride would fly out by Goldrusher hitting an immelman that would pass over the path to Superman. The ride would then come to an end after hitting a few more inversions to bring the total count up to 9 or 10 inversions to break the record for the US.
  11. It was only a matter of time before that would be built in RCT.
  12. 3 rides on Viper? Still trying to process who'd want to do that. That ride is one of the more painful ones seeing that I'm about 6 feet tall and my shoulders get smashed by the OTSR. Also, my legs and feet are always in a discomforting position leaving my spine unaligned making for one crappy ride. Glad to hear you had a good time and the lines were fairly short.
  13. ^Agreed. The car next to us was launched just like that. However ours was even better. The ride op said "Okay guys put your hand up, we're gonna have to check the restraints again." Right when we all put our hands up we were gone. That definitely added more thrill to the ride.
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