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  1. Thanks a lot! just check the description for the video theres a link there. Thank you very much!
  2. This was a Roller Coaster I started quite a while ago now, it was originally a co-op project but we had problems transferring the files, so I have finished the ride myself. Hope you like it and let me know what you think?
  3. Chatley Woods Resort, update time! Heres a little video for the roller coaster at the park: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0gghlb8RpY&feature=player_detailpage And here are some more shots of some more progress: Billy The Kid taking its final turn. Barnstormer doing its thing. And a progress shot to finnish off. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the update, let me know what you think.
  4. Hello! My name is Harry, Harry Middle. It is my job to introduce you all to Chatley Woods Resort and tell you all what’s going on and what we are doing. Here is our inspector and chief engineer, the inspector is the eyes and ears for the owners, if he doesn’t like something it goes. We have a large budget and he wants everything perfect. Here is Barnstormer, it is defiantly one of the more intimidating looking rides in the park but is great for families to enjoy with only a 120 cm height requirement. This is Over The Edge. It’s a simple flume ride mechanism, yet it features cutting edge special effects and extensive scenery. Our Barnstormer plane was recently installed into the queue for the ride. Over The Edge has just started testing too! Frontier city is taking shape now, still a lot to go though. Hope you enjoyed reading, check back for more blog updates, Harry.
  5. You don’t tend to see a lot of RCT 3 Eurofighters and the main reason for this is because let’s be honest RCT3 is crap when it comes to Eurofighter, however I believe it is possible to get a convincing looking Eurofighter on RCT3 and today I will show you how I do it. Step 1: The Cheats The first thing we need to do is use an Options.txt cheat, there very simple to use and can be found here: http://www.shyguysworld.com/index.php/topic,5887.0.html The one you need is "TrackAllowSameTrackIntersect 1", There’s a tutorial on how to install the cheat in that link. Step 2: The CTR's You now need to download the Euro Fighter car which can be found here: http://www.customscenerydepot.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=808 You also need to download the track which can be found on this page, its named "Gerstlauer Eurofighter": http://jonnyears.webs.com/lukesctrs.htm Step 3: Finding Our Ride Right now we are set to start building our Euro Fighter. First we find the track in our game which should be named "Gerstlauer Eurofighter." Step 4: The Station So we now build our station which I recommend you build like this, This just helps it run with a better capacity and is not required Step 5: The Beyond Vertical Drop The next section is the iconic part of a Eurofighter, the beyond vertical drop. So here you can see the lift, I have built a pre-section with a block brake, and this is to increase capacity and realism. I have also built the tower 119 ft which is important for the beyond vertical drop part. Now we build the beyond vertical drop which in RCT3 in 95 degrees and can be built when the track is facing vertical like so. You can also see that I have finished off the drop with a gentle section of track before we go into the flat section this is so the G-forces don’t kill your guests, again this helps add to the realism aspect of your Eurofighter. We now finish off our tower with the support section which was built using Moby's glass and frameworx, yours doesn’t have to look like this obviously but after a bit of experimenting this is what gave me the best result. Step 6: The Layout So now we have our drop it’s now time to build your layout, here RCT3 really limits us on what we are able to do but if try hard enough you can get a very nice Eurofighter layout. Okay so I admit my layout is terrible but it will do for the purpose of this tutorial, I have made it quite short like most Euro Fighter layouts, added a couple of inversions and an MCBR, So everything you would find on a normal Eurofighter. The only issue is we have different types of tracks we go from two to three rails and it looks sort of weird so here is what we do to solve this. Step 7: Solving The Rail Problem Because we have done the Options.txt cheat we can use the Giga coaster track and place it where the two rail sections are. After filling in all the 2 rail sections this is what your Euro Fighter should look like. Step 8: Finishing Off Your Eurofighter So now you have your layout it is up to you how you want to support it and theme it here is a picture of what one of my Euro Fighter project looked like when finished. This is Dare Devil Dive a Eurofighter built using the same steps as shown; the only difference is the CTR that was used. And there is my tutorial on how to build a realistic Eurofighter On RCT3, I really hope it helped if anyone has any questions or feels I have missed anything out please don’t hesitate to ask and I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Jake
  6. So about 4 weeks ago i started working on an newer version of Saw The Ride, as you may know I have already made a Saw Ride but like most rides or projects I Finnish i always feel i can do a lot better, This time it will be more of recreation. Here are a few shots for you to look at: Serious air time! My favorite part of the ride, coming of the MCBR. This is the rides second full inversion. A look at the back part of the coaster. I have also been kept busy with its top secret warehouse that surrounds Saw the Ride, a few teaser shots have been released to keep you entertained. The front facade is starting to take shape. Lots of construction stuff going on, behind that scaffolding lurks some terrifying secrets. You can only guess what is happening in here. Workers work through the night to get the ride finished in time. The warehouse is really starting to look menacing. Stay tunned for further updates, I really hope you enjoyed this one and comments and criticisms are welcome as always. Jake
  7. Hey people, Layout and supports are finally finished here are some shots. Hope you like it! Jake
  8. Hey, here is my 2 cents I like it, there are parts that need bit of work but as far as NCS goes it looks good. This park sort of reminds me of those that appeared in the early RCT3 days when CS was not around and people just wanted to build a simple Six Flags style park. Nowadays I find people don't enjoy the more generic NCS park as you can make far greater generic park with custom scenery.I think you will find that when working with out custom scenery for people to enjoy it you have to be quite creative with the scenery pieces look at them in different ways, build something completely new. However as you are new to the game I'm guessing? starting with this style is fine and I'm sure one day soon if you stick at it you will be building great complex structures with out custom scenery. Good luck on your project, Jake
  9. Yeh it is, I would like to have done a recreation but that is not possible with the limitations of RCT3. Thanks! Have some more shots of the ride, little tweaks here and there, almost ready to start on the scenery and station. Thanks for reading comments would be great! Jake
  10. Hey guys This is my Dare Devil Dive thread, here are some pictures (unfinished) of what I have built so far: More updates coming really soon, look out for them! Jake.
  11. Thanks, I hope you continue to enjoy it! Thanks a lot! I love hearing comments parsing my work so seriously thanks. The Skate Park area is sort of wrapped up now but I have no problem with changing some of the names so I will see what I can do. Cheers! Thanks, don’t worry ill get round to changing it. Have a look on the second page there is a little back story to the ride, that should explain what you need to know and thanks. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I haven’t updated you guys in a while, truth be told I haven’t got much done I’ve been busy with other stuff. Still I have some unfinished shots I can show you and opinions would be great! All the shots are completely unfinished but I just wanted to give you an idea of what i am currently working on. cheers for reading, Jake.
  12. This is a story about my best friends sister, it’s quite a miracle really: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2155276/Student-20-hours-death-developing-huge-brain-tumour-survives-thanks-ROLLERCOASTER-RIDE.html
  13. Undecided yet. Thanks! This update should show some more of Batman’s layout . Just a quick heads up, I update a lot more at SGW as it is easier as I’m allowed to post one picture in an update and there is a bit more of a community there, so if you want to see more of the park head over there and check out some of the stuff. I will still obviously update here though. (Mods if this is breaking the rules please remove the sentence, I was not to sure ) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here is a little update on what I have got done: Here is an overview of what I have so far. Here is an overview shot of the queue line, I'm having a little trouble with the foliage, if anyone can suggest a good set with small trees and bushes in that would be great! Here is a look at the back part of the coasters layout. And here is the most recent shot of the station and queue line. Please remember a lot of these shots remain unfinished at the moment, I still have not decided if I like the station how it is and like I said I’m struggling with the foliage so any help would be greatly appreciated. Opinions and thoughts are also welcome as always. Jake.
  14. I have just realized you sent me an e-mail, I don’t normally check my mail on my account connected to this website, if possible next time can you send me a PM? Jake
  15. Thanks! I will see if I can find one to download as I am not able to create CS. Thanks, if you look at a real half pipe coaster you will notice they are only supported at the bottom. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hope you enjoyed the update, let me know what you think of Batman, anywhere you think in inaccurate let me know; the ride remains much unfinished at the moment along with the rest of Gotham city. Jake
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