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  1. Update 7 Hey guys, I was looking back through the thread and saw that I hadn’t shown a lot of the layouts of the coasters. So today i took some overview shots of the park, there’s not a lot progress been made due to other commitments but the park is still going strong. I have a really cool idea for Colossus that I’m sure you will all enjoy, anyway here is the update! Inferno! Saw! More Inferno! More Saw! Even more saw! Finally our icon coaster, Stealth! Thanks for reading, Jake
  2. Update 6 Hey guys, I have an update for all of you! I recently got my new computer which meant I was able to continue work on THORPE PARK Re-Imagined. Anyway I had started to work on Saw and have now completed the warehouse, layout and supports. Tell me what you think? 100 foot vertical drop! The first inversion. The zero-G roll. The diving loop into the ground. Saw Hope you all enjoyed this update!
  3. My new computer has arrived! i shall not bore you with the specs but basically its a beast, anyway once i have set it up and transfer all my files THORPE PARK Re-Imagined will be back! expect an update sometime tomorrow hopefully a complete Saw. Cheers Jake
  4. Sorry for the lack of updates guys but I don’t think I’ll be able to continue with the park because of my crap computer, I will release a video of what I have but it’s very half finished. I had just started to work on Saw just before the park started to crash every time I opened it up :down: I am getting a new computer though so will see what happens, I may continue with it or I may start on a brand new project, once again sorry. Cheers, Jake
  5. Beware Criticism first of all, you seriously need to re-think you rollercoaster layouts there quite frankly ridiculous, there are still turns unbanked that need to be banked I mean look at this for an example. Have you ever in your life seen a real rollercoaster take sudden turns like that. That would snap your neck in an instant, bank those turns! Second, some of your ride and scenery placement is just silly Remove that ride underneath, it really doesn’t look good. I mean I know you’re asking how you could improve the park but before you post us updates you can surely tell that does not look good. Second, some of your buildings are in serious need of work I mean there all half finished. Why is the roof floating in mid air? I know your new to all of this but please spend more time on your work before posting updates and maybe get used to the game and learn from other threads on this forum. This is just genuinely bad quality, I know it sounds harsh and if you’re not looking to make your park realistic then don’t listen to my advice after all the games about having fun but if you plan on posting your parks to show off make sure it looks good! Good luck, Jake
  6. Update 5 Just a quick update from me. An almost complete Calypso Quay, I have decided against building a rapids ride as the one I built looked really bad. Anyway what do you think? Cheers, Jake!
  7. Update 4 Its update time, today I want to show you Nemesis Inferno. The layout and supports are finished but there still a lot of other work to do on it. I also have little bit of Amity Cove to show you. What’s that lurking behind the City Hall? Only one of the most intense ride experiences around. Nemesis Inferno! The unique interlocking corkscrew element. The coaster is about 100 feet tall. Stealth is the tallest coaster in the park though at 200 feet tall. You are in for a soaking if you take a ride on Tidal Wave I have changed the interior a bit for KFC I’m struggling for ideas for something to go in this spot, does anyone else have any ideas? Thanks for reading hope you all enjoyed the update, jake!
  8. Update 3 Hello again! I have more stuff from my Re-Imagined THORPE PARK to show you guys, I think you will all like it! i am now very close to finishing Amity Cove just need to finish all the signage and interior of some of the buildings. Any way here are the pictures. The toilets and KFC both themed to the city hall and Amity hotel, I will change the sign for city hall. The broken columns are supposed to be a result of the Tidal Wave. Amity hotel Serving counter, do you think I should get rid of the cinema thing? More of the serving counters. Overview Night time overview A Re-Imagined Amity Cove A night time shot, I think it needs a bit more lighting. KFC and the toilets from the Tidal Wave bridge. Thanks for reading; the next update should have the finished off Amity Cove and should have started Calypso Quay. Cheers, Jake!
  9. The park is looking great! Although I would say your buildings need more depth and layers to them as they are looking rather blocky at the moment also try and mix some of your sets up as all I’m seeing from your buildings is Shy Guys Main Street sets. These buildings are great! This one not so much. (The green one in the far right) Everything else is looking very good though, I for one cant wait for more! Jake
  10. Update 2 Hello again! Thanks for all the kind comments, today i bring you my next update in which I have nearly finished Amity Cove, i have taken away nearly all the foliage for now and plan on re-doing it. Also all then blank signs you see will be filled in soon as well. there are a few changes here and there. this is how people will be greeted when they first enter Amity. Some Tidal Wave stuff. I have added a little snack bar. Behind the shark will be where the first new development in the story line will be. Race Snacks. Tidal Wave entrance. Race Center Stealth launch Stealth queue line An overview of Amity. Amity Cove is about 80% done now there is still the Amity hotel and other small things to be added. I hope you enjoyed the update, Jake!
  11. Update 1 Hello all I have started work on a new project after my short Crystal Arcade project has come to an end, this time I shall be making a Thorpe Park of my own. I have started with Amity Cove and I have some pictures to share! The bridge, foliage and queue line are yet to be complete. Another angle. Stealth area. Stealth ride. Overview of Stealth Tidal Wave station building. More Stealth The Stealth grand stand I’d say Amity Cove is about 60% complete there are few buildings to add and I need to touch up on a few things but I really like the way it’s going, I hope you all like it to! For those that don’t know what Thorpe Park is, here is a link to their site http://www.thorpepark.com/. And here some pictures of the original Stealth and Tidal Wave. Cheers, Jake ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The next update is ready, as soon as someone has commented it will go up
  12. I had a go at doing some street art today, here what i came up with. I made a funky version of my name; this will go on all of my work from now on. So I got this. Did this. Then sprayed it. And here is what we get. This is the first time I have tried this, I thought it went quite well. Hope you liked it, Jake
  13. DailyPoint 4th May 1967 Bob Crystal Selling Up! Local business man Bob Crystal has told us that he has decided to sell Crystal Arcade. "This decision was not one that I wanted to make but as I get older having to run an amusement park becomes too much stress, I feel now would be the best time to let the park continue in new hands. I would still like to be involved in the park but not as much as I currently am." This was the statement Bob gave to our reporters. Bob Crystal opened up Crystal Arcade in 1960, and we have seen a small amusement park turn into a large tourist attraction for Point Lake Mount. We have had a few rumors regarding who the new potential buyers could be, we are almost certain Bob won’t let it fall into the wrong hands. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In all seriousness I am considering stopping Crystal Arcade, I personally feel the park is now bordering on bad quality and have no motivation to continue the park, I feel as if I could start a new park and it would look 100 times better. I haven’t fully decided yet what will happen. I am currently in the process of building a new coaster for the park and we will see how that goes, if I think it looks good I will continue with the park. Cheers, Jake.
  14. I have finished making my B&M Hyper Coaster; it now has a launch instead of a chain! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2Mba8zBQ24
  15. My Intamin Giga coaster. Can I get some feed back on the layout; I can’t decide whether I should go any further with this.
  16. 4th April 1967 Had a day off of work today, i got a new job by the way i am now working for the DailyPoint which is great. I have said befor but its always been my dream to be a reporter. i have put foward an idea to add a new collum for Crystal Arcade as it as our towns biggest tourist attraction. this would allow for more time to talk to Bob Crystal and i would also be able to give better updates. anyway here are some picture from my day. The crowds are still massive at Crystal Arcade; I hope it continues this way. Whats that around the corner? I had not heard anything about a new ride, according to the man outside this is some sort of prototype, it hasn’t open yet. Looks like a kids ride to me, looks fun though. They have got rid of all the seats behind Food Barn and replaced them with a tree. I took a ride on the Bumper Cars before i left, not been on them in a while. Signing off, James
  17. I tend to agree, I appreciate all the effort you put into the campaign stuff behind your parks. It’s just most of the time I find myself skimming through it and looking at the pictures. Obviously it’s down to personal opinion, it’s just I prefer a more picture less writing story. This will not stop me from following though as I love all your other work on these forums and this project looks promising too, keep up the great work! Cheers, Jake
  18. 1st March 1967 Hello everyone, Today marks yet another season for Crystal Arcade, I was very disappointed that I couldn’t get down to Crystal Arcade at the end of last season to watch the firework show but because Crystal Arcade decided to put a £2 entrance fee to get in I was better off watching my local free firework show. However I did hear it was pretty good. Anyway this year would see the opening of Thunder Bobs; they look like a lot of fun! Thunder Bobs replaced Coaster, I think I still prefer Coaster. It was still really fun, especially with friends and family. This little seating area has been added behind Food Barn You can get some great views of Mister Twister form there. I got myself a few rides on Thunder Bobs today, not a great idea in hindsight. Guest wait nervously as they are about to board Mister Twister. Music Cafe is always packed with people eating lunch. Queues for food are always long. The views are worth it though. I’ll leave you with a shot of a broken Mine Ride, sort it out Crystal Arcade you can’t have a major ride closed on opening day! Signing off, James
  19. 1st August 1966 Hello and welcome all to my news letter, we are vast approaching the end of our summer season at Crystal Arcade, we decided we wanted to do something special this year so we have introduced a firework show over the back of the lake! In other news next year we shall be installing a new ride for our 1967 season. Can i also remind you if you haven’t already to fill out our survey here it really helps! I hope to see you all down at the park for the final day of the season for a massive firework spectacular! Cheers, Bob Crystal P.S Well done England on winning the world cup!
  20. This is for all those who want to see Intamin Blitz in action! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6kFAmBuDhI
  21. My Intamin Blitz is now available to download via the games exchange! Just click on the picture. You will need Moby’s steel jungle, Webers Aged Footers, Dazmates idustrial age set, Costerfreaks station set, A-goodies gadgets and Shy Guys Catfish Cove CS sets, you will also need Techno Dudes intamin Blitz CTR which can be downloaded from his theread on these forums. Put the park into C:Documents and SettingsUserMy DocumentsRCT3Parks. Any other questions don’t hesitate to ask.
  22. I have finished creating a video for Mister Twister, I hope you guys like it!
  23. Hey guys, I have another ride to show you. I had an idea to build my own Universal Studios once; this was its signature attraction. It is an airplane themed ride and would have been based on some sort of movie it is fully enclosed and would be filled to the brim with different scenery. I only got as far as finishing the layout, supports and half the building. Hope you enjoyed, Jake
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