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  1. Comment deleted for being condescending and quite frankly elitist and cruel.- R.D.- Games Forum Management Team EDIT: I think you need to turn up your graphics a bit before posting more updates I can’t get a clear picture of what is happening in you park. Just some advice . (Is that better? Did not mean to come across as so "elitist and cruel")
  2. Thanks, Use the piece that says conforms it should follow the terrain. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skate Parks first map (subject to change) What do we think? Here is a POV of a completed Tony Hawks Big Spin, I hope you like it! Comments are welcome! Jake
  3. Skate Parks first map (subject to change) What do we think?
  4. I would use 2 rail track where you can instead of the B&M track where possible, it will make it more realistic. Other then then that the layout looks pretty much perfect
  5. Thanks, Im really pleased you like it! Thanks im glad you think the coaster looks good! I like how Tony Hawks Hlaf Pipe looks so i will be keeping it how it is, advice is always weclome though. Thanks! Here is a download for the trees: http://www.putmeonthenet.net/content/old_spice/Sphideice/Old-Spice%27s%20Trees.rar They are built by Old Spice ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So i have done a little bit of work to Skate Park since the last update, I have changed a few things and added a few things. I have added a cafe called the Skate Cafe; it serves Burgers, Fries and Drinks. As you can also see i have placed the half pipe on top of the cafe, i thought this would be a good place as it would be easy to see any events taking place on it. I would like your opinions though as im not quite sure if I like it there. THBS entrance is fully complete now; I think it looks quite good; still your opinions would be great! The scariest ride IMO in the Skate Park area is Tony Hawks Half Pipe. The signage still needs to be filled in around the entrance, if anyone has any ideas on what to put on the signs that would be great! I can’t think of much to fill them with. You get a great view of the ride in the queue; it builds up a lot of tension. For those who are not brave enough to ride THHP can ride the Mini-Pipe. A ride perfect for children. The last shot is of THBS, this is a basic overview of the ride so you can have a look at the layout. Thanks for reading! If you want to comment on anything, there’s something you think needs improving or something you want to see please let me know, as always your opinions mean a lot. The next update will be the completed Skate Park I hope! Cheers, Jake
  6. Thanks, check your PMs I have sent you link for some of the sets. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skate Park is an area of Six Flags dedicated to skating and Tony Hawks, with skating popularity increasing around the world with teenagers and kids this seemed like the perfect addition to add to our park. Guests will be able to experience skating first person without the risk of hurting yourself. The main plaza for THBS (I have changed the entrance a bit from the last update) Guests who are brave enough can experience the full adrenaline of a skate board on a half pipe on "Tony Hawks Half Pipe" The skate shop will cater for all your skating needs; you can even buy your own skate board in here! We even have our own half pipe where you can show off your skills or watch famous skate boarders show off there’s. You can get right close to THBS to take pictures or watch friends and family scream their heads off. Six Flags also offers great back stage tours on selected dates where you are able to get up close to all the rides and see how they are maintained. Skate Park really is a great place for teenagers and families who want to experience skating first hand and there is a lot more where that came from, check back for the next update where I’ll show you the rest of Skate Park. I hope you enjoyed the update, if you have anything to comment on please do! Thanks for reading and check back for then next update, Jake
  7. Thanks support like this really helps and makes me want to build more to show you guys! Agian thanks, I really hope you enjoy the update! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading, in the next update I will show you the rest of the Skate Park area which features more rides and attractions based around Tony Hawks. Again if you have anything to comment on please do! Cheers, Jake.
  8. So yes I have decided to jump on the Six Flags band wagon, I know there are tons of different Six Flags park floating around these forums and every other Roller Coaster Tycoon related forum. I have decided to take a different approach in which I am going for ultra realism which hopefully you will see in the next few updates. I shall not be revealing any names of rides in this update but i think you will be able to guess there names. The parks family coaster, a Gerstlauer Spinning coaster. It takes on a lot of tight helixes, there are sure to be some nice laterals in there. The parks largest coaster, a B&M Hyper Coaster. The ride crests a lot of large hills with some nice air time. The layout is quite compact for such a large coaster, it’s also great to look at if you don’t want to ride. I haven’t got a name for the park or a location so suggestions are welcome, obviously it’s a Six Flags park so it has to be something six flags would be likely to use any other suggestion on what I can do to improve realism, layouts, buildings, path ways and all the rest please tell me I want to take all the criticisms I can as I really want to make this park as realistic as possible. Thanks for reading and comments are always welcome! Cheers, Jake
  9. Try some terrain paints around your rollercoaster’s, for example where the track meets near to the ground I like to make the terrain muddy, This makes it look as if trees have been cleared for the coaster and IMO makes it look more realistic. Also would I suggest adding some lakes or hills in some places, makes your park nicer to look at. I think you have a decent park here for NCS so keep going its good. Good luck, Jake!
  10. The S-Turn, Not sure if its an element that has been used before?
  11. 31st September Today was Crystal Arcades last day until it closed up for the season, the park was open till late so I didn’t head down till about 7 so I could get some night shots of the park. Construction work for 1971? A shot of Ferris Wheel to finish the season. Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed this year at Crystal Arcade, I’ll be back next year starting with opening day which should be around March/April. See you then! Signing off Stew.
  12. Flying Turn in my opinion wasn’t to great, I mean when I first started building it I thought it would be amazing but I could never get it to look quite right. Thanks for the compliment on the ride though. Your right a mine train would be the most sensible choice for the park but that why I won’t be building one in Crystal Arcade, there great rides but I want something different and unique for Crystal Arcade. Again thanks for your support Mole really means a lot! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ September 1st With a month to go till the park closes up for the year I am now going to try get as many visits as possible in, starting with today. Rumors are flying around already about new rides for next year; I doubt we will see anything too big though. There are also plans for a firework show to finished the season off which should be great, so I can wait for that! Got my first ride on Bucking Bulls today was today, it was good fun! Anxiety always builds up just before you get on Big Dipper. It was nice today, this meant a lot of people. Even classics like the Merry-Go-Round still bring in the crowds Like many I’ve always enjoyed the Bumper Cars. Queues die down late in the day, which means there is a lot of time to get re-rides on Mister Twister! Flying Turns is still being taken out. And will finish the update with sun setting over The Big Dipper. Signing off, Stew.
  13. Thanks and you just wait and see what I have planned for Crystal Arcade things will get very big! I think something might disappoint you in this update though --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7th August Hey it Stew again, Rumor has it Flying Turns track has been removed from its supports, I would normally never set foot near CA in its summer moths but I really wanted to check out what the situation was with Flying Turns. If the rumors are true then is should imagine we won’t be seeing Flying Turns next year. It seems if SFT have gone to great effort to plant a lot more trees around the park. This is why i tend to avoid visits in summer (awkward those guys have the same purple top ) I was hoping the rumors went true, unfortunately there not. It’s unconfirmed but i think this pretty much confirms we will not be ridding Flying Turns again. I hope there is some sort of expansion on this area soon, I mean The Round Table is great but surley if SFT want CA to succeed they need to be adding rides instead of removing them and not waste money on extensively themeing an eatery and toilets. This area is where that huge maintenance building used to be situated, there is now a lot of space behind there, I hope SFT take advantage with it and give us something great to replace Flying Turns. It seems like a compulsory thing on most of my trips now, I leave you with the picture I bought form the gift shop today. I need to stop buying these things there not cheap and I have 3 now! Signing off, Stew.
  14. 21st May Today was the official opening of Bucking Bulls the brand new ride opening at Crystal Arcade for the summer months. The ride was installed to help deal with the large crowds that tend to flock to Crystal Arcade during the summer. The ride was very busy today which is understandable as it was opening day for the ride. I did not take a ride as it looked more suitable if you were in a group of friends, its very interactive and looks like a lot of fun. The weather was awesome today which gave some great ride on Ferris Wheel. I was able to get this cool shot whilst I was riding. A splash down on Mine Ride is always refreshing for days like this. I went to take a ride on Flying Turns as i left, however it looks as if the ride has closed for a while, this massive fence was put in front of the entrance and the trains had been put away in storage. I hope it’s just some sort of maintenance and i hope they get it sorted soon, we can’t have Flying Turns closed for the summer. They have these really cool pictures in the gift shop right now; I’m a sucker for these sorts of things. Signing off, Stew
  15. This look pretty good, I like the layout of that coaster, the support work is also great! How comes you stopped with the old park? Jake
  16. Some pictures would be great if possible? Whoever wants to work on the park next can by downloading the park from MrSum1_55 link.
  17. NO! don't build in the park yet. Wait until MrSum1_55 has uploaded the park with his section, then download that park! then you can start on section 3. Make sense?
  18. you dont need to join mate, once MrSum1_55 has uploaded the park file, download it and start on section 3
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