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  1. I was messing round with some custom track to see what i could come up with. Do you think its worth keeping and themeing or are there tweaks i could do to the layout?
  2. I was wondering if anyone could help me? I am currently building a superhero area of my latest park, so far i have the coaster and a kaos ride. but I am having difficulties finding good CS to build realistic looking restaurants/shops themed to like backstreets. this is what i have at the moment. cheers, Jake
  3. the park is very good, my only problem with it is that half the coasters are left with there normal supports, i think by adding custom supports to the steel coasters that you have made would make them look a lot more realistic, i feel with them being left the way they are its a job that half finished. other then that i love the buildings and the style of the park, it is also very Six Flagish which makes it Evan better. like i said though doing custom supports on the coasters you haven't would defiantly improve it. Jake
  4. Looks pretty impressive, I think the layout is pretty cool quite original for a wingrider. I also think the landscaping also looks very good. speaking of the landscape can i ask what set those trees are from? Jake
  5. A little something different using RCT 3, i present my 5 A-side football/soccer stadium . Name: Endau Rompin Park stadium Location:Endau Rompin national park, Singapore. Designer: Jake Built: 2011 Capacity: 18,000 Uses: Soccer/basketball/concerts Night shots This is the centerpiece of a massive sports complex that i am planning to build, with shops, restaurants hotels and Evan a couple of rides.
  6. Hello Its been a very long time scince my last update, this was because there was a lot of trouble with Blackstone Group. They did not have the funds to complete the project, because of this the park has gone up for sale half complete. I was told that Busch Gardens had decided to change the theme of the park. I was sent a picture to show you the re-branding of the park. Because of the current ecnomical state the Blackstone Group are finding it very hard to find buyers. They hope to sell the park within the next few months otherwise the futer wont look to bright for the park. Thanks for reading, i will fill you in if any news comes from the park. Adam
  7. Very quick update guys CHEETAKA went through abit of a retheme as park officals thought cheetahs were comming to far off the whole Asia theme. because of this the park officals decided to re-paint the ride and now has brown track and yellow supports, the train is now black and yellow. the idea of the ride came from the very famous snake known as the Krait, the ride simulates you being the and snake searching out for your prey. Also i would really like some questions to ask in the Q&A session the park is hosting, so if you guys want to ask the park anything please tell me. Thanks for reading Adam More soon!
  8. Good news guys! I have an update from the park, whilst the park wont give away too much of what they are currently building they have sent me some more pictures for you to look at. CHEETAKA gaining some what looks like to be amazing air time! Onlookers can have almost as much fun as the riders as they watch them plummit down one of Diving Eagles drops. CHEETAKA doing what it does best, gracefully manoeuvring around its corse. And our final picture, something i havent been told about yet. What do you guys make of it? I also have more good news, the park is hosting a Q&A session at there quaters with the media and they have invited me to come along. they have told me they will answer as many question as possible but do not insist on giving away too much. So if you guys have any questions for the parks managers then please tell me and ill be sure to ask them for you. Thanks for reading Adam! More updates soon!
  9. what do you mean is anyone listning? what do you expect somone to say? im not trying to be a mod but if anyone has anything to say they will. im loving the park CD5 your giving me alot of inspration for my own.
  10. Hello All! I would like to introduce to you Busch Gardens Around The World My name is Adam Stone, i have been asked to write a weekley column for our local theme park. I will be posting regular updates and pictures of the park, my goal is to get down there atleast once a week to show you guys what is happening. This is one of the parks main attractions which will take guest on a tour around Crawfish Cove. The parks main coaster this ride towers to 200 feet and guests will plummit straight down a 90 degree drop! This coaster in my opinion looks set to be the best out of the 2. Hope you enjoyed the update Adam more soon!
  11. Yeh it is his "CFR", i had a few problems building sceenery around it at first, once i played around with it for abit i managed to make somthing i thought looked quite nice.
  12. My brand new themepark concept art! Hope you guys enjoy, more soon!
  13. This looks really cool , i cant wait to see more. I love the way you have done the bumper cars, i dont know why but i love rides tucked up like that. Jake
  14. Sorry for double posting, i wanted to show you pictures of a half complete park i dug out. This park was going be my dream coaster park, it would have featured my favorite types of coasters. This ride was supposed to be inclosed in a big building. The gates sort of show where the walls would have gone. More of the layout of the ride. Inside that building is the launch section. just infront is the bunny hill finale(sp) The blue and orange ride was the iconic ride for the park. Here you can see the launch section, the queue and the transfer track. Please rember none of these ride were fully complete This was probaly my favorite coaster from the park, it sort of a compact mega coaster. This was the entrance are and ride plaza. This is some of the support work you cant really see form a distance. In the distance you can see the inverted coaster. More of the inveted coaster. 3 rides in 1 . I sort of lost intrest in this park, i posted the pictures to see what you guys thought . Jake
  15. BkkMan13, the sets you can see in those pictures are Shyguys Main street sets, DasMatze Instant Jungle, DasMatze Industry Age, M&P Coal Mine and some others i cant think of the names though. If you search round Vodhins you are sure to find some cool stuff. I appreciate all the comments guys and im sorry about my punctuation i can be a bit sloppy at times .
  16. Hey guys new to the forum I bought rct3 about 3 months ago and have been trying to learn all the little tricks. anyway i am hoping to be able to build a full size theme park soon but wanted to know what you guys thought of my rct3 skills. this was a ticket building for simply buying tickets. this is some themeing from a ride i built, i thought it looked pretty cool with the green lights. this was a simple flying coaster that i built. these are part of a mini western theme park i was building but ran out of ideas. i want to know your opinins because i was thinking of starting my own themepark story, all the ones on fourms look pretty cool and fun to do.
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