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  1. 20th April Hey guys! The other day one of my friends got a job at Crystal Arcade, the lucky bugger. He told me he was able to get me some free tokens for rides which was great as I needed an excuse to get down to the park, so that’s what I did, I spent most of the day with him hanging out in the Food Barn where he is currently positioned, I think he would rather work on the rides though. His uniform makes him look really silly. There were not too many people at the park today, which meant free re-rides on TBD, what could be better? The Dipping Dots guys said there would be a massive 150 foot twisty upside down steel coaster in that section, I somehow doubt it. I used to love this Elephant as a kid! Today was the first time I rode this one; these sorts of rides don’t go down to well with my stomach. It was good; I could only do it once though. This windmill is now iconic to Crystal Arcade. I finished my day with a couple of rides on Mister Twister, I don’t think this thing will ever lose its thrill. Signing Off, Stew
  2. Alton Towers are releasing a new ride in 2013 code named SW7, I have tried to create my own version in RCT3. The layout had to be revised a little due to the limitations of RCT3, I hope you like it! Jake
  3. Thats great! post some pictures of your progress and re-upload the park with your section!
  4. As you may know I have been working on a Re-Imagined version of Secret Weapon 7 which is coming to Alton Towers in 2013! Here are some teaser shots, expect a full video soon. Hope you like them, Jake!
  5. This is really awesome! I have a load of old Coaster Dynamix stuff that I don’t really use anymore, think i had two Scorpions, two expansions and a Phoenix. I would sell it to you for cheap but I live in England so I have no idea what shipping coasts would be I can’t imagine it being worth it though. But like I said this looks really good, sort of made me want to get my stuff out and see what I can create. Best of luck with your creation mate, Jake.
  6. Does anyone want to get this project started? I mean it would be great if we could get some people to take part we could make a really good RCT 2 park. All you need to do is download the file (link is in the 1st post) and start building, let us know that your building in the park so we dont have two pople building in the same section or at the same time. Cheers, Jake
  7. 31st March Hey guys, it’s me Stew again. So anyway today I and my friends had organized a trip down to Crystal Arcade so I bought my camera down with me. It has been reported the park is very busy at the moment so I was not planning on getting to many rides in, still being at the park is just as much fun. See what I mean, TBD had a 20 minute line for most of the day! Whilst in the station I noticed this? Not a very big space but it’s nice to see SFT are already planning for the future. I hadn’t realized at my last trip down at the park but that ugly maintenance building behind Mine Ride has now been removed. Mine Ride and Flying Turns are running great, after 3 years of neglect. Flying Turns is normally forgotten about as it’s tucked up at the back of the park. The foundation that was going to be used by the Parachute ride has also now been taken out which is good as it makes for a perfect place to have a picnic. I finished that day with some dinner at Music Cafe. I also bought this picture which is now for sale, cool huh? Thanks for reading, Stew.
  8. I have just finished a layout for SW7 at Alton Towers? What do you think? The original looks like this. Jake
  9. 1st March 1970 Today was the opening day of CA! This time it was under new management after 3 years of being closed. I think it would be an understatement to say I was extremely excited! I arrived at the park just after opening, as you can see there were a few people lurking around the new entrance; most people were inside by now. There were a lot of new things I wanted to check out today, the main one being this beast, The Big Dipper! Lines were short due to its amazing capacity, the ride runs up to 5 trains! You can’t get many pictures of the ride though due to it being surrounded by forest and hills, the park will release some of their own soon though I’m sure. Crystal Arcade has moved both dodgems and Ferris Wheel, I presume this was to make room for the new entrance and TBD. I think they look good in their new spots though. Mister Twister still likes to show its dominance over the park. A new path has been created behind Mister Twister; this gives us access to the new eatery and toilets. This is the new eatery, The Round Table. And these are the new toilets; you can also see TBD behind them. I took a ride on Ferris Wheel before it was time to leave. Thanks Crystal Arcade for a great day! Signing off, Stew.
  10. How? When a person is building they posts saying they are currently working, this means that no one else can work on it. Once they have finished they re-upload it ready for the next person who wants to have a go to download it and work on it. Jake
  11. You do not need to join! just download the park and build in a section, make sure you put a comment saying your working on it then you have 24 hours then you need to re-upload it, then it moves on to who ever wants to build next, its like first come first serve basically.
  12. Okay will say for the people designing section 2,4,6 need to have a station, the rest of the areas have to have the railway go through their section other then section 8.
  13. Okay so I know there was a team park on here recently, that never seemed to take off though so I am going to try and make this one work. Here we have our park: Here is what I have done to it so far: I have hacked the build your own Six Flags scenario and started to build on it, the person who wants to build in it next has to post a comment saying currently building and what section you are building in (it must be in order). You then have 24 hours to build their section, and then you have to upload the park onto the exchange with your completed section and edit your comment with pictures of your section and a link to the new file. The Rules: -Make sure you do not delete anyone else’s section or any part of their section! -You have 24 hours to complete your section. -Please put effort into your section, don’t just place a ride and say it is done. Add some buildings and trees to make it look nice. If I feel a section has hardly any effort put into it i will delete it as i want this park to look good. -Try to stick to 1 or 2 rollercoaster’s in your section, dont be silly and add 10. -Try to build within the red lines -Hacks are allowed as long as it does not affect anyone else’s section. -The Minture Railway must go through your section (except section 8) and must have a station if you are in section 2,4 or 6. -Remember to have fun! Here is the download: http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2655 Good Luck, Jake
  14. For my 100th post I bring you Verbolten Re-Imagined! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsh89CfLpeg Hope you enjoy it!
  15. Was walking past Bob Crystals house today, it is on my way to school anyway I noticed a letter left on his porch way addressed from SFT. I would never normally do it but being a massive Crystal Arcade fan i just had to find out what was inside. When I opened it there was a small Polaroid picture inside. Looks like a new entrance to me! Thanks for reading, Stew
  16. Hello my name is Stewart; I’m 16 years old and a massive theme park fan! In 1960 my favorite theme park was opened by a man called Bob crystal, I was only 6 years old at this time but I still remember spending time after school there with my family. This theme park was Crystal Arcade, unfortunately in 1967 Bob crystal told us he was selling the park and after that season we never saw the park re-open. It’s now been 3 years since we have heard anything from Bob or anyone else associated with the park, trucks have been going in and out of the place but i assumed that was just to remove rides. Yet the other day my friend noticed this whilst driving past the park. I’m expecting some kind of press release soon, as soon as we get one ill notify you guys! Cheers, Stew
  17. ^Jake: Please consider using the TPR photo uploader: As you can see, we can't see it. R.D. GFMT
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