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  1. I'll just copy what I posted on another forum... Austin started at Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. We worked together the last two summers. He was such a happy go lucky, nice guy. His dream job was to be a monorail pilot and was SO excited when he found out his transfer to monorails had gone through. It's so sad. He was supposed to be off at 9 last night, but extended. The monorail he was on was his last of the night.
  2. The only thing the old Run and new Run have in common is that neither have Eddie in it... but don't get me started on that. The original's plot was a game show (If I remember correctly). The new Run's plot is that there is this secret underground place where visitors can torture and kill people for a price. You begin the house as a visitor looking to torture others, but unfortunately, you become the one being tortured in the end. Does that make sense? See Hostel There are three types of scareactors in there. The people being tortured, the torturers themselves and then the... clean up crew? I can't think of the right word to call them, haha. They are the ones that clean up the body parts (woodchipper where you get wet) Why they didn't make it like the origional Run, I don't know. But they have nothing in common other than the name. BUT. You kind of have to look at this way... The houses aren't made for us loser theme park enthusiasts. The large majority of the guests who attend HHN could care less about what themes of the houses really are... they just want to get scared and see lots of gore. Which Run has. No Rat Run this year. and nothing like Demon Cantina this year, imo.
  3. Call me old fashioned, but I LOVE HHN at the Studios. I also went again last night, lots of improvements. My new order for best to worst houses... All Nite Die-In Psychoscareapy Run Screamhouse Psycho Path PUTS - I had the hat though... Dungeon of Terror
  4. I'm so jealous, Corky. I love looking at your pictures. Eventually I'll go to Paris.
  5. "It gets better and better every time!" "No. No it doesn't." Remember that? I hate you. and I hate Disorientorium. Atleast none of the houses this year are as hot and miserable as stupid Diso was.
  6. I too was also at the employee preview last night. I ran into some loser at the beginning of the night... (evil glare at KrakenKing) Did all the houses, but missed Bill and Ted's... I'm just going to copy and paste my quick review I wrote up last night... !!!!!OMG SPOILER ALERTZ!!!!!! Best to worst houses: 1. Run (I was surprised since I hated it last time) 2. All Nite Die-In 3. Screamhouse 4. Psychoscareapy (so sad) 5. Psycho Path 6. Dungeon of Terror 7. People Under the Stairs I'm positive this will change considering this was the first day. HOUSES Run: I was really surprised by Run this year. I loathed the original Run. But this year, the new storyline for the house and the theming are awesome. The first time through was awesome, but the second time we kept stopping, and I actually noticed a lack of scareactors in the house. A few complaints...there was too much hanging crap... but Universal always puts too much hanging crap in the houses every year imo. AND there was no Eddie. Eddie is my favorite Icon. and he was supposed to make a big comeback in Run... But there was no Eddie. at all. All Nite Die-In: Not too bad. One of the first people through. It was pretty long. You go through The Ring, Texas Chainsaw(I think), Hellraiser and Silence of the Lambs. The Ring scenes were awesome and very creepy. I wasn't a very big fan of the Silence of the Lamb part. I didn't think the movie was even that scary. Could easily become my #1 house of the year though. Screamhouse: Because Adam is awesome, he took us a super secret way, and we were the first people of the night to go through Screamhouse! yay. I liked it a lot. Not all that much different than the other 2 times they did Screamhouse. I don't remember the greenhouse scene though. Smelled like... a greenhouse, which was a nice little detail. There weren't enough Scareactors at all. Although they may just have not been ready yet. There were also too many Caretakers. Still pretty good. Psychoscareapy: I was soooo looking forward to Psychoscareapy. The original is my favorite house of all time. Unfortunately, it was pretty crappy. (and it wasn't because of the bathroom scene... haha. get it? crappy? bathroom?) No one jumped out or even attempted to be a little bit scary. and I thought Jack was supposed to have taken over? I think I saw him in there once, but I'm not sure. (P.S. I talked to the house coordinator, and supposedly Jack isn't even supposed to be in the house. He was supposed to have rubbed off on all the patients so they all "have a little bit of Jack.") Psycho Path: So first of all, the fire alarms went off in PUTS and Psycho House, so we had to stand outside for like 15 minutes. haha. Once we got inside, It was just blah. You know how every year, they have to have a house with the vortex tunnel, and stupid tricks with people blending into the walls? That would be this house. Stupid Vortex. Stupid blending into walls. Stupid neon paint and black lights. Nothing really memorable. Dungeon of Terror: So Universal was like, "We spent all our money on People Under the Stairs (More about that in a minute) so we're just going to give you all masks and fake teeth.... ummm, act like rednecks." Dungeon of Terror was pretty terrible. The theming and scenery weren't so bad. It was mostly that the scareactors and their costumes were terrible. Red necks are annoying. not scary. There was a preacher outside who was really entertaining... and a drunk woman dancing in the middle of the queue. People Under the Stairs: "OMG we need to make a 7th house! Think of something quick!... I've got it! A house that is under construction..." Is what PUTS is. It was so bad. It was like they ran out of time and money, and made this house. First of all, This and Pscycho Path were built in tents behind MiB. So there were parts in both houses where you could look up and see the top of the stupid tents. It was basically wall frames with plastic over them. and then they splattered red paint randomly. The scareactors weren't that bad, it was just the house. So bad. To make things worse, they are using the flashlight hats from Terror Mines last year... The house is not dark at all, so the mining hats are pretty useless. The scareactors pretty much only jumped out for the guy behind us with the light. Sorry Krakenking This year has potential. We'll see... Pretty much my biggest complaints this year are that while all of the houses have a storyline, they all don't have movies explaining them like the past couple years. I really like houses that have a cool storyline. AND THERE IS TOO MUCH EFFING HANGY STUFF. I'm too busy pushing fiberouse materials and body parts out of my face to notice any of the scareators popping out. Sorry Kraken, strongly disagree with you on best house. Scare Zones: Blood Masquerade: It was pretty nifty, unfortunately the only time we went through there, the scareactors were not out. Lots of electric candles and fog. Harvest of Souls: Best scare zone. It was like the corn fields from a couple years ago... but less crappy. Random pumpkin headed people and scarecrows. Deadtropolis: I liked the scareactors. zombie tourists. lol, a zombie riding a bike and random stripper zombies. We also stopped to watch The Arrival. Pretty cheesy. the icons came out and did their little killing people thing, and then just stood there. All except for Eddie I must add... Everyone kind of stood around when it was over because we had no idea if it was actually the end or not, lol.
  7. preeetty much every day Rock'n'Roller coaster ride op "Why was I on the ride? Show quality ride through..."
  8. ^ exactly. We are ride ops, not doctors. I don't know the person's medical history. I have no idea how to diagnose a problem. Not breathing. Ummm, collapsed lung? Brain hemorrhage? Heart condition? The last thing I want to do is make things worse by electrocuting them... At the parks I have worked at, you NEVER touch a guest that is hurt. Even a bloody nose, not supposed to give them paper towels because they could be allergic to it. Should there be AED's in rides? probably. BUT only for when medical help does get there imo.
  9. ok... so maybe they arent that hard to use, but would Disney ever get there employees defribilator trained? I think not. And you may be saying, "even if they're not trained, they can still use one." Well maybe, but the cast member would probably lose their job. If something went wrong, and the person did die, the cast member who used the defribilator has now become linked to their death. A person who was not defribilator trained tried to resuscitate someone, and they died. It's really a way to keep their cast members from getting into too much trouble. Cast members aren't even really supposed to touch a hurt person. make sense? probably not. :-/
  10. Hmmm, been doing attractions for 3 years now and I, myself have only had to call for paramedics once. Altogether, I've been there when paramedics have been called 2 times. and both times, it had NOTHING to do with the rides at all. 135 to 140 calls is an insanely high number for one attraction. and about defibrilators... Paramedics should bring one with them. Say there was one in all attractions, who would be certified to actually use it on a guest? Ceeertainly not a ride op. Edit: do they make portable defribilators? I think so. I don't know. I know nothing of medical technology, haha
  11. Not really sure. Most I've done a coaster in one day is somewhere around 10 times. Either California Screamin, Xcelerator, Hulk or Mummy at USF.
  12. Hmm. I guess I'll say Spiderman. I like both a lot though. And I must agree with ^. Indy is way better than both.
  13. I've always been a fan of... "Your mom's like school in the summer. No class."
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