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  1. Holiday World Kings Island Cedar Point Darien Lake Waldameer Kennywood Camden Park Indiana Beach And hoping for SFA, KD, BGE, SFSTL, and WOF before the end of the year.
  2. It was at Dollywood from '89-'98 but now is at Magic Springs in Arkansas. It's not exactly the same ride though with sit down trains and the track was reprofiled slightly.
  3. I actually went to the city museum before they had even completed it. It was open on new year's eve '96 and all they practically had done was most of the whale on the first floor and it was fun then just running through that building and all of its different rooms. It looks completely awesome now and can't wait to get back to stl in October so I can visit it. Wish I was there with all of you.
  4. Great pictures and I loved Indiana Beach when I went last month. My question is does anyone know what is wrong with Lost Coaster? It was closed the second week of June and I have seen a handful of trip reports since that show it was closed for them also.
  5. ^I gotta agree with Goliath at SFOG. Plus I would add to the list Millennium Force and Cornball Express, the first hill on it popped me out of my seat so hard the seat belt came undone and I have never heard on that happening before and it scarred the crap out of me.
  6. Great photos, Goliath was my favorite coaster till I rode MF a week ago. The airtime on all the hills are incredible and the double helix of death is only time I ever grayed out on a coaster. Glad to see they finally repainted the signs in the Superman queue too, the last two years they were really faded. Can't wait to get back down there again.
  7. I was on the Diamondback train with you. I was in the back row with the blue jacket and TPR shirt on. I unfortunately had a sunburned forehead from the previous day at Holiday World and the rain felt like someone was jabbing needles into my head. I was also waiting for the back row at Beast when I heard you guys leave, the girl ride-op couldn't understand at all why you guys had left.
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