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  1. Dark knight-sfga Steel coaster In Illinois Hidden in a box Poison ivy batman villain Cars look kinda like clams In a park with 2 log flumes Center of batmans logo is yellow like yellow submarine Steel bolted together And why did they desire to have two wild mouse coasters in the same park and everyone desired to see te movie
  2. Too slow doing this on a phone Ragin Cajun In illinois land of Lincoln Painted Yellow as in yellow submarine It's a tangled wild mouse track kinda like ivy In sfga next to a log flume And it's steel
  3. Batman the ride First steel In Illinois A submarine was used by the villains in the original batman movie starring Adam West Poison ivy is a villain of batman Sfga has two log flumes
  4. Rolling thunder at sfga A bolt of lightning is followed by rolling thunder It is a steel bobsled coaster Was at sfga which is in the land of Lincoln
  5. Spacely's sprocket rocket. Steel coaster Sprocket is a bolt Sfga which is in the land of Lincoln
  6. Ill stick with it what I said previously and add it is a steel coaster Greezed lightning at kk which is a bolt of lightning and is in Lincoln's birthplace of Kentucky
  7. Tidal wave- sfga When moved turned into greezed lightning at kk. Sfga is in Illinois which is the land of Lincoln Also Kentucky is the birthplace of Abe Lincoln
  8. 1. American Thunder 2. Thunderhead 3. Kentucky Rumbler 4. Apocalypse 5. Gwazi
  9. Beech Bend Park Holiday World Six Flags St. Louis Scandia Park Castle Park Knott's Berry Farm Six Flags Magic Mountain Adventure City Pacific Park Sea World San DIego Belmont Park Hopefully a hand full more to come especially with Deep South Bash and a trip to Florida in October.
  10. I think Spears is getting too famous. This morning watch her video with Piers and then I wake up and she is being interviewed by Bert the Conqueror. She is a "Coaster Superstar"!!!
  11. Being my first trip to LA this weekend I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get anywhere, but traffic was amazing all weekend. I didn't get stopped in traffic all weekend. I was able to get to every park in their actual driving times on google. Sad part is people will remember all this eleven months and it will be traffic hell next year.
  12. I just got back from my first time ever at the park, and I got to say I was very pleased. I got there at eleven(I overslept) and was able to ride every coaster once and finished my night with another ride on X2. I will have a full trip report when I get back home from vacation but a few quick thoughts. GL is amazing but I also felt like I got anal raped by the ridge in the seat. Apocalypse had two trains running but they were also making you watch all the preshows. On Goliath had a girls top come undone so I got a a boob credit on a coaster credit. Revolution's harnesses are ridiculous and over done, enough said. X2 is the most insane thing I have ever ridden. I got off speechless and completely lost to what had just happened to me but loved every minute of it. Hopefully I will be back when my daughter hits 54 inches, only have 6 inches to go.
  13. Thank goodness Tatsu is back up and running for my visit on Monday, and the audio is back on X2. Can't wait to experience MM for the first time and it would have sucked to not get the Tatsu credit or experience most of what X2 has to offer.
  14. That fairy godmother is creepy as hell. The mask they are using looks like the ones you see in bank heist movies.
  15. The Tower of Terror at Tokyo DIsney is just an amazing piece of architecture, it has to be the best looking ToT of them all. Maybe Disney will put the combination together In Shanghai and make the perfect ToT. I want some strawberry popcorn!!!
  16. The hotel I always stay at is the Knights Inn it is by far the best value I have seen, it's real cheap and it's only 5 mins from the entrance. Plus if you turn left out of their parking lot you can use the old entrance which doesn't have as much traffic as the main.
  17. Posted a trip review for Kennywood will post more soon. The park index looks great and can't wait to watch it evolve with time.
  18. My three favorite Voyage's triple down River King Mine train at SFSTL But my hands up number 1 has to be The Beast's finale, especially at night when it is completely pitch black just hearing the roar of the train going down the hill through the tunnel and everyone screaming at the top of their lungs.
  19. I had The Voyage as the fourth best wood coaster behind Thunderhead, Kentucky Rumbler, and The Legend. Last year The Voyage was intense to say the least, better with Ravage trains worse with the original PTCs. I had to push myself to ride it a 5th time in one day because of the headache and beating it had given me. But I was able to ride The Legend 4 continuous times in a row and loved every lap and would have rode it more if it wasn't closing time. I love The Voyage but the intensity and roughness was getting a little extreme even for me. Before last year it was my number 1, because it is such a great coaster but that day changed my mind. Hopefully the timberliners will return it to the top of my list.
  20. I have a Holiday World story to contribute. While discussing planning my trip to Holiday World with two older co-workers. One says "That place is still open I can't believe it. They have been open forever and they lose tons of money every year." I say "They can't be losing too much money they are adding a multimillion dollar water coaster this year." His reply,"You gotta be joking me how can they just be throwing money away like that!" Mine "Well they did have over a million visitors last year so I think they are doing pretty well." His final word,"No way in the world that has ever happened!" Gotta love'em!!
  21. Thunderhead Millennium Force- Gotta love the airtime in the back seat
  22. Thanks for posting this, I've been researching a few trucks for my trip to LA in July, and would really like to hit one up while I'm there. The great thing is that most of the trucks have twitter accounts where they post their locations for the next day. So your report gave me an even greater look at the food and quality of each of the trucks.
  23. Using the most recent firefox and it loaded instantly(no sooner I tabbed over the page was done loading. Btw the new park index is amazing and looks great. Using Firefox was actually quicker for me than IE8 and Opera. Using IE8 it took forever and the page was offset.
  24. My favorite memory of 2010 would have to be my week long trip in June. Starting with taking my daughter to Holiday World for the first time and her shrieks and giggles as we rode Wildebeest. Then setting out on my own, first stop Diamondback in the rain, ouch!! My first ever visit to Cedar Point and my new number 1 MF. Then the next day at Darien Lake and Waldameer, followed the next with Kennywood and Camden Park. Then ending it off with my daughter and her first wooden coaster rides at Indiana Beach. It was an epic week and this year will be even better, especially with her getting over the 48 inch barrier, and my first trip to California.
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