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  1. What is Arthur Dent doing on this cruise? He's clearly without his towel...
  2. I too am curious how the Ticketing works on this ship...Do they do shows every night of the week? or just once a trip?
  3. Has anyone here ever been to Darien Lake's Frightfest? Is it unusually crowded/scary/a good value/any good?
  4. Just Got back from vegas, where I rode Manhattan Express (Or The Roller Coaster, or whatever) for the first time...Fun Ride, but bumpy, and I wasn't a huge fan of the restraints
  5. I dig the location...maybe they're building up that part of the park for a future coaster...do we know if anything is getting removed for Windseeker?
  6. Just got back from Cedar Point, Last Coaster I rode was Top Thrill Dragster
  7. I've been on a really weird Hard Cider kick recently, but before that, I had a Sam Adams Summer ale on my deck watching the sunset....peaceful bliss
  8. Now that the Viper @ Darien Lake is Back in Black, that makes me happy..... My favorite Color scheme though is CP's Wicked Twister. The Yellow, Blue and Sea Foam Green mix well with the sand and the lake and the blue sky, and make for a great visual image
  9. ^ possibly...I can see in the future them expanding Tomorrowland, or Adventureland to be more Boy Specific in the near future , but this could be a step.
  10. If you're looking for Hibachi, there's a really good place on 250 near the Lowes...I forget the name, but I used to go there when I worked there in 05 and it was good and well priced...you'll probably pay a lot less than you would at an on property place
  11. I like it...the back story will definitely make more sense when they finish the FL rehab in 2012
  12. Those Houdini Rides at SF are pretty cool...great themeing for a flat
  13. It's obviously going to be a survival horror film, where the characters are constantly picked up by some unseen force and thrown in lakes, while minions of terrifying Panda Bear suited killers chase them around the park, and force them to go on unsafe rides, also...there is vomit everywhere, because the custodian just keeps cutting the GD grass
  14. Did that Perkins replace Dominic's @ Breakers? That's kind of a shame...I always liked Dominic's, my roommate when I worked there used to work there. Also, when you went, were the lights on the trees yet for Starlight Exp? I hear that starts this week.
  15. I think a perfect fit for the Demon drop space would be a S&S Screaming Squirrel...its got a small footprint,and would bolster their coaster count...you can read a description about it here: tinyurl.com/39j6une
  16. Hello All! My name is Joe, I'm from Buffalo New York. I'm a Former Cedar Point staff member (Wicked Twister 2005) and have been on more coasters than I can remember. My home park is probably Darien Lake, but the Park I most often visit is Cedar Point (only 3.5 hours away!) Other interests are Movies, and Hockey (Go Sabres!)
  17. For me, Rock n Roller coaster will always hold a special place in my heart, as it was both my First Launch, and the theming is just so well done
  18. Thats cool...I was kind of hoping the bottles of Whyte Lightning from the media teasers would be sold...but I guess time will tell
  19. Has anyone who has been there this year seen any STR specific merch?
  20. Hello all, this is my first post as a member or the Forums (as you may have surmised by the topic), I'm a lifelong, Die hard Coaster fan, and am a former Cedar Point employee (Wicked Twister 2005). My question is this...I've been seeing a lot in the Trip Reports and Various posts while I've been a lurker people talking about Credits. What exactly are Credits? Are there certain rules for how to gain credits? Thanks for clearing it up for a confused Noob.
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