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  1. Your Disneyland picture isn't exactly truthful, That's in DCA, which was slammed all night. They kept Disneyland closed from 2pm- about 2 am for capacity, but after about midnight, it was absolutely dead. Totally worth it to stay in one park all day IMO
  2. Very happy to see this TR return. Kentucky Kingdom reminds me a lot of my former home park, Darien Lake.
  3. So is Admiral Snoopy going to be a regular thing? Because he is friggin Adorable.
  4. Exactly! That's one of the reasons I love the Springfield expansions at the Universal Parks, It's so cool to be able to get an actual Duff beer
  5. I know this is the USO forum, but what are the chances we could see some of these IP's popping up at Universal Hollywood? I know space is limited, but a Nintendo attraction on the lower lot (replacing say "The Mummy") would be really cool.
  6. Is Maui Sands where the old Holiday Inn Holidome used to be? I remember staying there in 2001 on a High School Band Tour, and those Pool tables bring back some memories
  7. LOVE is definitely on our short list if we can get slightly cheaper tickets. We're also hoping to hit up Adventuredome, if theres any extra time. KISS Mini Golf sounds ridiculous and intriguing, I might have to hit that up. How much is the Pinball Hall of Fame admission?
  8. Thanks a lot! Does anyone know of any legitimate ways to get discount tickets for shows like absinthe or jubilee?
  9. Hey everyone, not sure if this is the right place for this, but I'm going to Las Vegas with my wife and Brother-in-Law the first weekend in February. It's my wife's first time, and we're not huge gamblers/drinkers, so I'm looking for suggestions of cool stuff that I can do with her that will make her fall in love with the place like I have. Some specifics: We're Staying at Treasure Island We're hoping to see LOVE Thanks everyone!
  10. Coaster Campout seemed so incredibly cool, I hope it spreads to other Cedar Fair Parks, like Knotts!
  11. Since USH is seeing the negative effect of not having a show this year, and Bill & Ted might be off the table due to last years stupid "controversy", what might the chances be of something like Jack's Circus coming to Hollywood?
  12. I agree! I just moved to the SoCal area, and this would be INSANELY cool to do at Knotts !
  13. YES! The wife and I are moving to L.A. in July, and I've been counting down the days until this announcement! Can't wait!
  14. Well this seals it...I definitely have to go to the City Museum at some point in my life.
  15. I think the ride looks fantastic, and I especially love the nod to the original attraction at the end. I hope this signals a new era in Disney dark rides
  16. Ha, excellent, your team gives me hope that soon we can build a solid,yet not too fancy team. Good luck in game 6!
  17. Andy, Great TR...I haven't been to KI since 2005, now it looks like I'll have to go back! Who are you rooting for in the Metro Playoffs? CBJ? I'm a Sabres Fan, but I really like this year's Columbus team, and I'm rooting for them in the east.
  18. Thanks, We def. want to try to hit up the Disney family museum, So I'm hoping that'll be an excursion
  19. The Wife and I recently booked a DCL cruise from San Diego to Vancouver in May 2015, with a stop at San Fran. Has anyone ever done one of these? How are they? What are the port excursions like in SF?
  20. I'm really digging this TR, I especially like the use of "Artifacts" before each segment! It makes me really want to go on one of these trips...now If I could just talk the wife into it!
  21. The only thing I'll miss about Space Spiral is the look of it from the Causeway...I remember being little and having it be one of the first things I'd see from far away...I'm not sad it'll be gone, but it is a little dismaying that That view won't be there anymore
  22. That's both awesome and depressing...DT was one of my guilty pleasure favorites ...but I'll be excited to see new life brought into the front of the park... Here's the link to the Sandusky Register Article
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