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  1. Well I was at a birthday party, so that's why I was up at 2 AM.


    12:00 (AM)-Finished watching Red Eye/talked to people

    2:30-Went to sleep

    3:30-Woke up again/talked to whoever else was awake

    5:30-Went back to sleep

    8:40-Woke up again

    9:20-Ate donuts and strawberries

    9:45-Watched dumb music videos

    11:00-Got picked up by my mom/went home

    11:30-Went online

    12:15-Ate lunch

    1:00-Fell asleep again

    5:20-Woke up/went online again

    6:00-Ate dinner

    7:00-Went to youth group

    8:20-Fell half asleep during youth group since we were doing some relaxation thing where we lay down and closed our eyes.

    8:45-Came home from youth group

    9:15-Typing this


    And now I'm going to bed since I'm still really tired.

  2. National Treasure

    This was way better than I thought it would be. Even though it was long, it was never really slow or boring. It was funny in some parts too. For some reason, I thought Riley was really entertaining. Overall, it wasn't as good as Pirates of the Caribbean, but I still liked it a lot.


    Red Eye

    I couldn't hear all of the movie since people were talking over it, so I missed some stuff. The movie seemed really short, but I don't think they could have made it any longer without it being really stupid. Overall, the plot wasn't that great, but I kind of liked it. It was oddly entertaining and almost funny in some parts.

  3. 6:30-Woke up

    7:35-Left for school

    8:00-School starts/went to Geometry

    10:20-Brunch (aka break)

    10:40-Went to P.E.

    12:25-Ate lunch

    1:05-Went to English

    2:50-School got out/walked to Albertsons/came home

    3:10-Worked on science fair with friends

    5:45-Stopped working on science fair (and we didn't even get that much done)

    Now-Typing this

    Yeah my day was pretty boring.

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