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  1. Pride and Prejudice (the new one) 8 1/2/10

    It was pretty good, but a few parts confused me a little. Keira Knightley was great though.


    Planes, Trains, and Automobiles 9/10

    This movie was really funny! That's all I have to say really.


    Beauty Shop 9/10

    We had heard this was pretty good, so we rented it and we all liked it. Even my dad liked it, and he's somewhat picky about movies. Some of the jokes were hard to follow though.


    Legally Blonde 10/10

    I love this movie so much! A lot of people think it's stupid (it kind of is) but I think it's hilarious and Reese Witherspoon is awesome.

  2. Ok I hate it when people double the 'i' in words. ESPECiiALLY WHEN THEY WRiiTE LiiKE THiiS, capitalizing all of the letters except 'i' and doubling the 'i'.

    I don't know why...that just bugs me.


    I also hate how whenever someone makes or ends a phone call in my house, the internet won't work for like 2 minutes.

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