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  1. ^^ Ugh don't get me started about fire drills.....

    The fire alarm always seems to go off at the quietest moment possible. Like yesterday.

    Fire drills always remind me of last year in 8th grade though, when someone set a trashcan on fire--that was funny.


    Ok back to ranting. I have a sore throat. And I have to go to "parent's week" at dance in less than 2 hours.

  2. What's that suppose to mean? Hey, by the way, did you find the head to my bunny costume at your house? I have another show to do next weekend.

    It's amazing what these truckers will pay for


    LOL! Wally, you'll have to let us know when your next show is so we can all come see you in your bunny costume.

  3. I think the last time it actually snowed here was about four years ago for 10 minutes. Instead we get rain. Well it snows a lot on the mountains, but that doesn't count.

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