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  1. ^^ I hate that. I'm sure the same thing is going to happen to me again this year with all my textbooks.

    I also hate how almost every teacher wants you to have a binder or notebook for only their class, so you end up with like five binders.

    One more rant: my math teacher gave us this homework assignment where we have to draw a picture of ourselves and he said one day we'll go around the class and identify everyone by their drawing. He might have been kidding about that last part (at least I hope he was), but still, drawing?...it's supposed to be a math class...

  2. For Disneyland, I would definitely do all of the rides you listed, and out of those the only two without Fastpass are Matterhorn and Pirates, but both lines move fast. If you like the classic Disney dark rides, then definitely do Fantasyland (Mr. Toad, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan are the best ones in my opinion). Basically I would recommend doing pretty much any rides you can, because I think they're all fun and worth a try.

    For shows though, you must see the fireworks show. It's the best fireworks show I've ever seen. I would recommend that over Fantasmic and the Electrical Parade, because I personally liked it better and because it's going to end soon and the other two aren't. It's possible to see all three in one night though.


    And for California Adventure, I would do Soarin' Over California (get those Fastpasses first unless you're doing single rider because they go fast), California Screamin', Grizzly River Run (never done it but I've heard it's good) and Tower of Terror and then leave. I think your time would be better spent at Disneyland, but that's just my opinion.

  3. I've never had my tonsils out, but I've had lots of teeth pulled. So if those are alike at all, you don't feel a thing once you're asleep, and eat lots of ice cream and stuff like that after.


    Wisdom Teeth is a whole nother story. They on the other hand, HURT LIKE SHIZZZZZ

    Oh great..I have something to look forward to now...

  4. The hot weather sucks. At one point on Sunday, the car thermometer said it was 118 outside..blehhh. I don't know how accurate that was but still...


    Oh well at least the power hasn't gone out since then (Sunday)...I think having no air conditioning/fans was almost worse than being outside.

  5. I was disappointed with POTC 2. To me, it was nowhere near as good as the first one. The plot was unorganized and it went a little overboard with the special effects. Also, the characters weren't as likeable; I'm not really sure why, but they seemed that way to me. Overall, I did like POTC 2 (and I'd watch it again), but it could have been a lot better. I think maybe the reason it wasn't as good is because it had to go from the first one and lead into the third one, resulting in a lot of unfinished stories.


    I loved the surprise ending though! I'm hoping the third movie will be good now.

  6. Superman Returns: I have never seen the original Superman, but I thought this one was really good. It wasn't the best movie I've ever seen or anything like that but it's definitely worth seeing, and I'd watch it again.


    3 days until Pirates of the Caribbean 2! That's the one movie I'm really looking forward to seeing.

  7. ^ I wonder how many times they can shove the correct way to bubble in an answer in my face over four days.

    Gotta love those instructions they give with the tests.

    While I'm ranting about testing, I can't stand the stories in the English sections. They're always so....random and pointless, which makes them painful to read.

  8. Blehh now I remembered that I also have standardized (STAR) testing tomorrow. I hate how my school is doing it over 2 weeks (three days this week and last week) instead of just the usual one. Oh well, only 2 geometry tests and one biology test to go.

  9. All I can really remember is that I pretty much hated riding coasters when I was little, even though I liked watching them.

    When I went to Disneyland for the first time, I remember getting scared on Thunder Mountain. I also remember not wanting to ride the Matterhorn, because you could hear roaring and screaming from outside the mountain (plus I thought the snowman was going to jump out at me).

  10. We have (in California):

    -STAR tests (Standardized Testing and Reporting) that we take every year.

    -CAHSEE test (CA High School Exit Exam)

    And then they throw in some other tests (like writing) in certain grades.

    That's all that I know of, but there might be more.

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