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  1. ^It was soap bubbles. Kinda cheap considering Disney quality. As in famous quote of the lady next to me during the fireworks, "This snow is so fake, but for Southern Californians, it's real. I mean, we haven't seen anything else!"

    ---Brent 8)


    Wow that is pretty cheap....

    But I guess if you haven't lived anywhere outside of California and you don't go to the mountains, then it's about as much snow as you're going to see.

  2. As an early Christmas present last night, I got a ticket to see Wicked, in Chicago, on April 15th. I am really excited about seeing it.

    Lucky! It was really good when I saw it in San Francisco. I hope you like it!


    I don't usually get Christmas presents before Christmas, but I got a lot of candy yesterday at school from friends. And I also got a sprained ankle.

  3. When I was at dance today and I did a leap, landed on the side of my foot, and fell over. And now I have a sprained, fractured, or twisted ankle and I don't know which one since none of them have ever happened to me before. I'm pretty sure it's not broken (like the cast kind of broken) since I can stand on it.

    It really hurts though.

  4. Grrr...why do I always fall for these???

    *Warning* Don't click that if you are easily annoyed or really impatient.


    And I know I've ranted about this before but it deserves a re-rant.

    y dO sUM ppL aLwAyzz tYPe LiiKe tHiiS??

    Why?? It's so stupid....and hard to read/understand.

  5. Friday Night Lights

    Saw this in school today for the first time (in math... :? ) and it was ok. I'm not really a big fan of football movies, and most other sports movies, since they all pretty much have the same plot. But it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was surprised to see Tim McGraw in it too--I didn't know he acted....


    My Best Friend's Wedding

    Saw this one in English. I had seen it before, but I had kind of forgotten what happened. I'm not sure what was funnier--some parts of the movie or the seeing guys pained expressions while they were watching it. (There are about 7 guys in my English class, so they got outnumbered when we voted on a movie.)

  6. The Candy Cane Inn is probably the best Anaheim hotel we've stayed at. Also, the Marriott Residence Inn wasn't too bad either. Those two both have one of those complementary Disneyland shuttles. I've also heard good things about the Carousel Inn and some others that I can't think of the names of.

    The only hotel that we had a bad experience at was the Desert Palms Hotel and Suites. We only stayed there a night and then ended up changing hotels.




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