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  1. Here's my pup I got the night before Thanksgiving. Her name is Zelda and she has golden retriever/husky/lab mix. As you see in the pic, she is in the process of owning Baby, the kitten.

    Aww your dog is so cute!


    I'd post a picture of my dog (she's a golden retriever), but I can't find one, so oh well.

  2. Well there's the beach....

    And I'm pretty sure Carmel and Monterey are nearby (about an hour?) Like I said, I don't know that area too well, so I don't know what's close by. But there's plenty to do if you're willing to drive an hour or more.

    And it sounds like you're set on going to SCBB, but there's always Marine World in Vallejo if you change your mind, which has Napa and Vacaville nearby. Of course that would mean wineries (ugh) and outlet shopping, and I might be wrong, but that's probably something you personally don't want to do.

  3. ^ .........Wait isn't 'maturer' already a word?


    Good pics so far. And yay for more hot guys!


    That seat the girl was sitting in is on every train. It's the single rider seat so that every train, they at least get one single rider on.

    Really? I only saw it on the green one when I was there. And my sister sat in it and she wasn't a single rider. Oh well....I'll take your word for it since I was probably just oblivious to the rest of them....that happens a lot.

  4. I hate graphing lines. We spent a long time on it last year in algebra, so why do we have to learn graphing again this year?


    Also why are all of the freshmen being forced into participating in 'Challenge Day?' (Don't ask me why it's called that...apparently it's something done at schools across the country.)

    Why should we spend 7 hours playing 'team building' games and telling each other (including people you don't like or who don't like you) your feelings and secrets, in order to form a "more friendly community" and break up cliques at school. Somehow I don't see that working.....


    It sounds a little too Mean Girls-ish for me.....

    Ok I'm done ranting about that now.

  5. I think it's reasonable. Honestly, I've never actually been to SCBB, so I'm not positive, but I don't see why you can't do it. Besides you don't really need 2 and 1/2 days to see San Francisco, but maybe that's just me, because I live nearby so I can go there anytime.

    But if you have any questions about Norcal other than SCBB, let me know--I might be able to help more.

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