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  1. I'm thinking of doing the College Program as well, it won't be until at least next year but it's still in my plans. I am however curious what this famous space mountain question I've been hearing about even is. Anyone care to enlighten me?
    I've heard of a couple versions, but basically a kid wants to ride Space Mountain but is too short or the ride is broken--what do you do? Funny thing is, I heard about that question so much on boards and Facebook that I was pretty much expecting to get it, but I interviewed at both resorts & didn't get it for either. So I guess it just depends on your interviewer.
  2. Question for those of you who did Attractions...did you get a lot of Attractions-specific questions in your interview? I interviewed for WDW & DL and said Attractions was my definite #1 for both, but don't think I got many related questions. However, I got a lot of questions about Hospitality (2nd choice at both) and Guest Relations (3rd choice at DL). I know those roles are a lot more competitive, especially at DL, so maybe that's why. It just seemed odd because I have no hospitality experience (I have some phone experience for GR, but not much), so I feel like if I do get in, it wouldn't be there especially since it wasn't my first choice. But I don't know.


    Anyway, I know there's nothing I can do, I was just curious what other people's experiences were. I'm sure I'm totally overanalyzing it and just having post-interview paranoia. Everyone here has been so helpful regarding the CP so thanks for everything guys!

  3. Does anyone know when the fall apps go up? The WDW CP site says February (I'm actually leaning towards the DL CP but their site says nothing), but I've seen people on other sites saying they go up in mid-January. Hoping someone here can clear that up. I'm still undecided about whether I should do the program or not so I'm just trying to figure out how much time I have.

  4. TRON: Legacy:

    It was ok. I didn't go in with high expectations so I wasn't disappointed, but I wasn't impressed either. I don't know what the original is like, but the script for this one was pretty bad and the acting isn't much better (though that may be a result of the script). I saw it in 2D (not really a fan of 3D or paying the extra $$), but the visuals still came across really well. The effects and the soundtrack were great and definitely the best parts of the movie for me...well and Garrett Hedlund (Sam). Overall it could have been a lot better, but I was entertained for most of it and I don't think it was as bad as some critics have said.

  5. ^ It's nice to see someone else considering doing the CA program besides me!


    I haven't done the program so I can't really answer your questions very well, but I'm trying to figure out the class credits thing right now too so here's what I know. My friend did the WDW program and she couldn't use the Disney classes as credit for her major, even though she's a business major. That seems to be the case with a lot of people. Her school did offer her general elective credits, though she didn't take them since she was already ahead in school because of AP transfer units and didn't need electives. I think whether or not you get credit really depends on your school and your major. My adviser told me to email her a list of the classes Disney offers (you can find them on the CP website) and she'd let me know if any transfer over to count for classes in my major (I doubt it since my school is really picky). If not, hopefully I can get elective credit or internship units.

  6. ^^I'm pretty sure John Stamos is in the episode next week!


    This episode was decent and the new characters seem interesting, but I'm really just excited for next week. Yeah I love Britney, not going to deny it.

  7. ^^College textbooks are the worst. I just spent $666 for my freshman year books, and I'm totally serious. So evil.
    Whoa that's insane! Freshman year I think I only spent about $200 my first quarter...and then got $14 and change for selling the few books the school was actually taking back. Ugh. Lesson learned from that one was don't buy from the school unless you have to. Amazon and Chegg are the best.
  8. Today, one week before classes start, I get an email that the textbook posted for one of my classes was incorrect. So now I have to order new books online (because it would cost 5x more to get them at the school bookstore) and try and return or sell the wrong book that I already bought weeks ago. This would be a lot less annoying if the incorrect posting had been corrected back in July, as opposed to sitting around unnoticed for two and a half months.

  9. I love how they're showing re-runs on Thursday nights now--gives me something to do while waiting for So You Think You Can Dance.


    I know they're adding new characters next season, but I wonder if they're going to make some of this season's guest stars (Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff..) regular characters. I'd kind of like to see more of Jesse since his storyline felt really weird to me. Not sure how they'd do that though since he's supposed to be going to college.

  10. I hate sports with a passion as I find them dumb, boring, and overrated.


    Is it possible that you and I share brains? Everything is Football this, and Basketball that and it just infuriates me!

    Um marry me? Either one of you! For me the only thing more painful than watching (most) sports is listening to people talk about them. But some people must feel the same way about listening to me talk about Disney/theme parks so to each his own I guess.

  11. Finding a job is so frustrating! I've been looking/applying since March and nothing.


    ^Boulder is a much shorter drive to Denver than Fort Collins ya know...


    Also, you're 14 and touring colleges already? Damn


    Oh ya! It's a huge academic thing at my school to tour colleges.


    It's the same at my middle school.

    Wow I didn't start looking until junior year--and yeah my 13 year old sister got dragged along on the tours, but she was bored out of her mind!
  12. Cobra Starship/3OH!3 in SF last night...awesome, high energy show. Being on the balcony was actually a lot of fun--all the enthusiasm of the floor without the risk of being squashed!


    The opening acts (I Fight Dragons and Travie McCoy) were pretty good, especially Travie--not my favorite style of music but he's a great performer.


    3OH!3: I wasn't sure what they would be like, but they ended up being my favorite of the night. Those guys were just fun and full of energy.


    Cobra Starship: That being said, CS wasn't disappointing. They're also just a fun band to see live--love Gabe's corny jokes and dance moves. I thought the music overpowered the singing a bit, but it didn't bother me.

  13. I would go the 6th too. If you were going with a bunch of APs I'd say maybe chance the WOC crowds and go the 13th, but since you're going with people who haven't been to DL, I wouldn't. It doesn't seem worth it to have to run to DCA to get passes, line up for an hour beforehand, fight through crowds, etc. just to see one show when there's a lot of stuff your friends haven't seen/done. Just my opinion. Also, I don't know about the SoCal schools but a lot of the schools near me (and colleges on the quarter system) don't get out until the 11th--making the weekend of the 13th is the first summer weekend. So that's another reason to go the 6th!

  14. I loved all of the scenes with Neil Patrick Harris. Dream On was amazing! I'm not sure how I feel about the Idina Menzel/Rachel storyline. I think it's mostly because I read an interview a while back where the director specifically said they were not going to have Idina be her mother, so I'm wondering why/when they changed it.


    Also, who INSTANTLY recognized the final song which Artie sang as the song Miss Piggy sings in muppet vision 3d? Still a great show!
    I was wondering why that song sounded so familiar!
  15. "Jerri, the tribe has spoken." --Greatest line in TV history!

    I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who actually liked Jerri.


    Anyway, I really enjoyed reading these updates. It's interesting seeing areas of my home parks that most people never have (including me). Hopefully I'll be able to make it to one of these events some day! It's too bad school got in the way this time.

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