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  1. ^ I *hate* it when people don't use turn signals. It's not like it requires much effort! And tailgaters drive me crazy, especially when I'm already going far enough over the speed limit. You don't need to go 65 in a 40 mph zone people! I think I would hate driving a lot less if more people attempted to follow the rules.

  2. I'm so frustrated with calculus right now. I understood the material on the study guide and the practice test last night. I get to the test today and it's 10x harder than the practice test and includes stuff that we never went over in class/homework, not to mention it's way too long to finish in 50 min. I wouldn't care so much if I just didn't understand the stuff and therefore did badly, but I did understand it and I did badly anyway. It's frustrating because I've always done well in math until now (including calc last quarter) and I feel like I could have done much better on this test if I had just had more time.

  3. I agree that it doesn't seem very revolutionary in that it looks like Fantasmic-meets-the-Bellagio-fountains-on-steroids, but it still looks pretty impressive to me. Then again, I'm not a well-traveled person or a technical one so I'm probably easily impressed. Either way, I'm excited to see this. And hey, if it ends up being just a Fantasmic/dancing waters hybrid, fine with me as I like both of those.

  4. I didn't have time to watch the Superbowl but I've watched some of the commercials online. The only ones that stood out to me were the Google one, the Doritos kid slapping the date, and the Griswolds. Oh and the "I wear no pants" one but that's mostly because some of the guys in my building have decided to make it their theme song and have been singing it nonstop (while wearing no pants I might add).


    I agree with whoever else already said it: enough with the talking babies!

  5. I didn't turn it on until 8:00 PST so I missed the first half of the show, which is too bad as it seems like it was the better half. I wasn't really impressed with anything I saw.


    Taylor Swift doesn't sound very good singing live, does she?

    I agree...and Stevie Nicks didn't sound much better.

  6. One more thing for Disney...

    If you're interested in riding the Fantasyland attractions (Peter Pan, Alice, Dumbo) or the Finding Nemo Submarines go to those as early as possible. They end up with some of the longest, slowest-moving lines in the park. If you stay at a Disney hotel, you can get early entry into the park and ride these attractions then. Early entry is only offered on certain days (Tues./Thurs. are coming to mind, not sure on the others) though so it depends on when you're going.

  7. I've only been to Disneyland/DCA so I can only answer for those.


    The crowds shouldn't be bad at all the first week of June. We normally go a couple weeks after that and the crowds still aren't too heavy, especially compared to July/August.


    For Disneyland, I usually go to Indiana Jones first, then Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain. For DCA, I would go to Toy Story Mania since it seems to always get long lines and it's not on Fastpass (all of the other "major" attractions--Screamin', Tower of Terror, etc--are). Soarin' can also get pretty crowded, as can Grizzly River Run if it's hot.


    I really like the Disneyland Hotel. I haven't stayed in Paradise Pier, so I can't really compare the two, but the Disneyland Hotel is closer to Disneyland park and Downtown Disney (although not by a huge amount). Paradise Pier is closer to DCA & has it's own entrance. Any Disney Hotel guest can use the Paradise Pier or Grand Californian DCA entrances though. I believe there is supposed to be renovation going on at the Disneyland Hotel at some point, but I'm not too sure when. You may want to check into that.

  8. ^ I'd gladly trade with you right now.


    It's been a constant downpour of rain here all morning and most of yesterday, and it's supposed to be like that almost all week. And according to my computer the temperature's in the 40s...haven't gone outside to check, as I'm trying to avoid leaving my room until I absolutely have to.

  9. I hate that my school doesn't offer any second-year housing. I realize a lot of schools, especially in CA, don't, but out of all my friends at home, I'm the only one with this problem. I know I would have had to get an apartment eventually, but I really would have liked to have the option to wait another year (when I would have been more mature and comfortable with the area), because it's really stressing me out now.

  10. I'm so happy Glee won! Although I will say I was a bit surprised Jane Lynch didn't win her category, but then again, I'm not familiar with the woman who did, so I guess I can't really judge.


    Good luck smartestcoasterkidever! on your audition!

  11. Finally! And what a great blindside! Ozzy, James, and Amanda's shocked expressions were hilarious.


    James's "I thought I was the dumbest survivor ever" comment and Eliza's expressions at tribal were priceless though.


    Best episode this season, IMO.

  12. I'm so bummed that Eliza left, since she was the last person out there that I really liked. Though I'm glad she left with a bang and outed Ozzy and his idol--and I'm hoping that means he will be gone soon, since I can't stand him.


    I guess I'm rooting for Cirie now, since I don't like any of the other favorites and the fans are all either idiots (Jason) or nearly invisible (Natalie & Alexis...who?). A Parvati/Amanda/James/Ozzy final 4 would be my worst nightmare though.


    Oh and I'm loving the online behind the scenes "Ponderosa" clips. Glad we finally get to see where the jury hangs out--I've always been curious.

  13. I can't believe they're already down to 11 contestants. Wonder if that means they're going to merge next episode...


    Loved Cirie's Erik/Ozzy comments--they were just too funny (and true). Also loved Ami, but I'm curious what happened to her plan and why they all decided to vote for Tracey instead.


    Is Survivor not on next week? I looked in my tv guide and there was more basketball on Thursday (and I couldn't find it listed on Wednesday either).

  14. ^ I'm not sure exactly how it happened since they didn't show him actually getting injured, but he fell during last week's reward challenge where they had to chase each other through an obstacle course and somehow punctured his knee.


    I was so sad to see Jonathan leave, especially in that way. Now that Jonathan's gone, Eliza's the only one of the favorites that I really like (Ami's ok but we haven't seen much of her and I keep changing my mind about Cirie).


    How can Jason possibly think that stick with eyes it is an immunity idol?!? Wouldn't a longtime fan of the show know that they're usually much more elaborate than that?

  15. Looks like the new tribes might make things a bit more interesting (hopefully since I thought the first 4 episodes were kind of boring).


    Even though it might not have been the best choice for them (we'll see), I was SO happy to see Joel go.


    The surgery was nasty--did they really have to zoom in like that? I'll be sorry if Jonathan has to quit/leave because of his injury though, since he's one of my favorites so far.


    LOL at the preview for next week. If he plays that fake idol at some point that would be so hilarious (how anyone could believe that stick is an idol is beyond me).

  16. I've never been a fan of sports or running (not to mention the fact that I'm not too good at either), so needless to say, I hated gym. My friends and I were always coming up with excuses to get out of whatever activity the class was doing (we would usually just walk the track instead). Somehow I always managed to get an A though...probably because I had easy teachers who didn't really care what we did as long as we didn't piss them off. But I'm so glad gym isn't required for all 4 years of high school.

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