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  1. I like it you have improved a lot! And I want to see more of that intamin
  2. ^ It looks great!! Did you make all that scenery yourself?
  3. Sorry for the delayed update I've been busy. I do promise a full update very soon! ************************************************************************ The First Major Attraction is coming to a small Amusement Park in 5 Years! -Stowe, VT Hey guys, I know I promised a spring break update, I was very busy operating Corkscrew that I never was able to take photos. But I promise a big batch of photos from the summer. Here's a construction update of Falcon: April 1993. The que line was laid down. May 1993. The ride was constructed, all that needed to be done is landscaping. May 28th, 1993. The ride started testing and some finishing touches need to be added. Looks like everything is almost done! It's going to be a great summer season. See you soon! ************************************************************************** Comments & Feedback please!!
  4. I love your park, you have improved a lot! What billboard set did you use for Monstrum?
  5. Great park! It's great to see it open! Can't wait to see more
  6. ^Okay thanks. I'll try some new colors out and see what would look better.
  7. Well it has been a while! The snow has melted and spring break is next week! The park has released some cool aerial shots of the park, thought I'd share them! First off, Here is the main entrance with Mansfield Square. Right off of Mansfield Square you find a long pathway with the 2 original buildings, and High Flyin' Parachutes. At the end of the long pathway you reach a fork in the road, if you go left you find: Mad Tea Party, Waterfront Bumpers, Corkscrew, Corkscrew Cafe, and all the way at the end is Twist 'n' Shout. Here is an over view of Corkscrew. If you go right at the fork in the road you find: Eagle's Flight, a waterfront eating area, a large gift shop, and Forest Flyers. Then at the other end of the park you find: The Great Wheel, Stallion, Stallion Gifts, a small food stall, and Spin Out. ^In the above aerial shot you see that small food stand, it seems like there are building something directly behind it. During my training for my job I asked my manager about it and he said, "That area of the park hasn't been really popular so were going to add a new ride over there." Seems exciting! Can't wait to see what it is! Right now you can just see the outline of the que line. Well spring break is next week so I promise more pictures of opening day and maybe more construction. Stay tuned! Here is a crappy attempt at getting the park's skyline. ********************************************************************************* Comments & Feedback are appreciated!
  8. Thanks! Which building though? I think they look fine But thanks for the suggestion! Thanks for the reply! Before the update, I wanted to tell you that I did not custom support the woodie, but I promise I will later on ************************************************** Hey guys! I can't believe I didn't tell you my name, I'm Austin and I wanted to tell you I GOT A JOB AT THE PARK! I'm so excited to start over spring break! Last time I only showed one half of the park, now I'm going to show the rest. Onto the pictures... The first thing you'll see on this side is this building, it's one of my favorites. In the background is Forest Flyers (Sorry I forgot to take a picture of it :\ ) If you walk further on you come across Stallion, the park's airtime filled woodie! Here's the entrance. And the entrance to the que line. And it's station. Sadly, this is the only pic I could get of the ride, but once I start my job I can get access to backstage areas. So I promise better pictures in the future! The photo doesn't do the ride justice, it really flies over those hills! Right at the end of the path you see Spin Out, which has my favorite ride sign (behind Corkscrew) Sadly this area of the park doesn't get much attention, I really hope the park adds more to this side to draw more people. Well more rides on Stallion for me! Well you've seen most of the park, sorry I forgot to get pictures of some of the rides But when spring break comes around I'll bring more pictures! Here's a list of the parks rides: Flats The Grand Carousel High Flyin' Parachutes Eagle's Flight Mad Tea Party Waterfront Bumpers Twist 'n' Shout Forest Flyers The Great Wheel Spin Out Coasters Corkscrew Stallion Hopefully these lists get longer in the future, I mean the park hasn't added anything in 5 years, oh yeah here's a postcard of Corkscrew from 1986. See you soon! ********************************************************* Comments are appreciated!
  9. ^Thanks for the replies! Before the update, I did try a new set for my buildings instead of the main street sets. I'd like some feedback on it because I'm skeptical on how it turned out. ************************************************************* September 15th, 1992. It's closing day for Waterbury and I made my family come out with me. I will be splitting the update into 2 parts. So onto part one... Okay as we arrived at the park we headed right to Corkscrew. It is the park's best ride! Here's the entrance. I liked it's sign! Here's a better shot of the lift. That building is the Corkscrew Cafe, it's called that because you get a great view of Corkscrew! And me and my family's on ride photo. It was a great ride, kinda bumpy. As we started to walk around we found Eagle's Flight. Luckily I rode this before I ate! Rising above the trees My grandpa told me these were some of the original buildings. The park was planning to demolish them during the renovation, but they decided to keep them. Right across from these two buildings is High Flyin' Parachutes. It's a great ride to relax and enjoy the view! We ate and decided to leave, as we were walking out we took a spin on the Grand Carousel in Mansfield Square. Maybe lacking the 'grand' part but it's still a great family ride. Mansfield Square still crowded! To end this update, my favorite picture of High Flyin' Parachutes, see great view! Wow I know that was a lot of pictures, but I still haven't showed you the other half of the park! I'll post those next time. Also I heard the park was hiring ride ops, so I'm going to apply. Hopefully they call me back! Wish me luck. Until next time... *********************************************** Comments & Feedback is appreciated!
  10. September 2nd 1992. It's my first day living here in Stowe, Vt, a small skiing town, and I don't really like it here. Me and my family used to live in New York City, but my dad had a job transfer to here and we now live with my grandparents. I've been really bored and there's not much to do here. That was until I heard people talking about an amusement park while I was shopping. I guess it's called like Water something? I asked the people where it was and I quickly hurried myself over to the park. As I got to the park, the parking lot is well... chaotic. They really need to pave it or something!You basically have to find and open spot and park there. Here's a picture. The parking lot didn't really make a good first impression, but as I got to the front entrance I was pleasantly surprised. The entrance was really nice. Next to the entrance was like a little pond... Their 'Main Street' is called, "Mansfield Square" and was pretty nice also. Here's some pics: And the season pass/Guest relations building Sadly, this was when my camera died :'(. But as I got home my grandpa, who lived here for the past ten years, told me the park went under extensive renovations but they haven't gotten to the parking lot yet. The park has two coasters: An Arrow Corkscrew and a crazy woodie! Luckily, my family and I are visiting the park on closing day next week and I promise a full update on the whole park! ************************************************************************ Comments are appreciated!
  11. I really like that building. Great job! Have you ever tried using path covers! I think it would look way better with path covers.
  12. ^^ Wow that looks great! It doesn't even look like RCT3 I've been working on my new park and I finished a couple more buildings and I wanted some comments or some feedback. The first building is a big green building. Any suggestions? Or does it look fine as it is? Here's the side and 2 other buildings. Again does it look fine as it is? I also wanted to try new colors because I kept using beige, so I decided to use purple. I thought it turned out great. What do you guys think? It's actually a restaurant, and here's the outdoor eating area. Thanks for the feedback! -Eric
  13. Sorry to be off topic, I just watched the news and a very cold system is coming to California. It seems like it will snow again in Valencia Here's the link to the article: http://www.weather.com/outlook/weather-news/news/articles/unusual-california-snow_2011-02-24
  14. The Kartrashians... I mean Kardashians. How are they even celebs? Never understood that. And Paris Hilton. What everyone else said.
  15. Thats's weird I never had that proble. Sorry can't help. You did a great job supporting Hangman! Probably best supporting job of an SLC I've seen in RCT3
  16. Tommy is going to Maryland? Have fun at SFA! Your park always leaves me speechless, I can't wait for more!
  17. IMO I don't think this will be successful. Mainly because of location. It says it's by Mandalay Bay which is really close to the airport? And the plot of land is only 9.6 acres? I don't know how that's going to fit a decent sized park. And Wet n Wild and MGM didn't work out? What makes you think this will? A park in Vegas sounds nice, maybe if you move the location away from the strip and maybe on a larger plot of land then I think it might work out.
  18. ^Lol. I love your park! I can't wait to see it expand! I was wondering, what set did you use to support Cyclone?
  19. Wow and I thought Carolina Cyclone had a terrible paint job.... that takes the cake as the ugliest paint job! The new coaster looks great though! EDIT: Is it just me or does that immelmann/dive loop in the 4th pic look oddly shaped?
  20. Wow! This looks really cool!! The detail and theming is great! Looking forward to more!
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