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  1. This thing is interesting. Doesn't look that crazy like the one at aqua studios Here's another view
  2. Is there any way to make it not rain? Because I love doing custom scenarios but I hate when it rains and the peeps leave the ride
  3. ^^^ True true. I had an enjoyable ride in the front though
  4. I think the new restraints on the Great Nor' Easter at Morey's Piers are great! Actually made an slc enjoyable.
  5. I'm new to rct3 so what cs did you use for the parking lot/roads and the ride signs?
  6. Is it just me or does he sound like will ferrel? Do you think he will go to sfmm?
  7. Also the ride op at Goliath said enjoy the 1000 foot drop on goliath and some people actually believed it and started freaking out. It was funny. On X I was on the outside seat and my friend is way way heavier than me and sat on the inside I thought I was going to die on the last raven turn
  8. Okay well I went to the mountain friday too and as you know Superman was closed but here is my trip report of my day. So first it wasn't crowded at all that day which made me happy cause I didn't have to get a flash pass. And I overheard a funny conversation with the GP and it went like this: "They added a new roller coaster this year" "Really? What?" "Ninja" "That's new? I thought that was already here." "They changed it" "Really?" "Yeah. They made it bigger and faster." I thought it was funny. But first I went with 3 friends and 2 of them were chickens and didn't go on anything, not even Colossus, so I wanted to go on Tatsu first but they made me go on roaring rapids first, and I got SOAKED only my waist down got drenched. But when we went on Tatsu and we got back in the station, my shorts were still drenched and dripping, everyone thought I pissed myself! I was like it's water! So they had to clean the train because they thought it was pee. It was embarrassing!!! So next we hit Terminator then when I said let's go on Riddler's and I showed it to them the chickens were like no I'm not ready let's go on Ninja. So we went to Ninja and it broke down right as about we were going to get on. Just because this is getting to long i'm going to speed this up. So after we hit Goliath which was like a walk on almost, then Ninja again because the chickens wanted to go on and right as about to go on it broke down again! I was so mad because I didn't want to go on Ninja. Then after we hit Riddler's, Batman, Scream, then made the trek all the way from scream to X2. It was funny because my friend was screaming for her life on it. The audio was messed up on our train, right as we got out of the station the "Goinnng dooown" and sabotage came on and when we hit the lift it just stopped, and one of the fire cannons weren't working and the ride got a tad bit bumpy. Oh well I still loved the ride and still is my favorite ride there. So to end the day we went on X2 and Tatsu again and got the most delicious funnel cake and left around 9. So here's my ride count in order: Tatsu: 1x Terminator: 1x Ninja: 1x Goliath: 1x Ninja: 1x (2x total) Riddler's: 1x Batman: 1x Scream: 1x X2: 2x Tatsu: 1x (2 times total)
  9. Here is mine: 1. Six Flags Magic Mountain 2. Animal Kingdom 3. Disneyland/ Ca Adventure 4. Sea World Orlando 5. USF/IOA 6. SFGaDV 7. SFGaM 8. Silverwood 9. SFDK 10. Cedar Point
  10. True but I still think Chang should go to SFA because they don't have a B&M at least i'm pretty sure SFA doesn't have one
  11. Any vekoma slc for me, except some. Especially Kong at sfdk! I hate that ride so so much! I bruised my shoulder on that. My list: Kong at sfdk Grizzly at cga Ghostrider at knotts Demon at cga Manhattan Express oh and Revolution at sfmm
  12. This is stupid, but what you do, go to how many circuits, and put two, and you'll get the trip up the reverse spike. Thanks. Sorry I never knew how to do it.
  13. This park is amazing! But how did you get heatwave or whatever it's called to go up the rear spike?
  14. Hey, I'm going out to the mountain on July 9th, which is a Friday. And I was wondering how crowds would be? Are Fridays in July crowded? Would I have to get a Flash Pass? Because my fiends and I would like to ride every coaster that is open hopefully.
  15. Hi, I am new to TPR and I have a couple questions about flash pass. I am planning on going to SFMM in July and I know how busy it gets in July and i would like to ride most of the coaster and was wondering if I should get a standard or gold flash pass? And what rides are included on the standard flash pass? Are there some certain popular rides on gold that aren't on standard? I've never gotten a flash pass before so I have no idea. Thanks!
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