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  1. Thanks! The park is like 200x200, I am not sure though. Ask Dj if you want to know for sure. Thanks! It wont be empty pretty soon. Thanks!
  2. Keep the nice coasters coming guys! Anyways, heres some news: Come ride Goliath! New for the 2005 season! SCR66.BMP Only at Six Flags Washington!
  3. Need opinions on my park: Should I drop Six Flags from the park? I have been thinking of it for a while...
  4. ^Seattle has a ball park? Great work RCT2Day! Really nice stadium.
  5. RD hit the nail on the weak spots for the coaster for me! Anyways, great park! Good job on making the Intamin hyper fit in so well.
  6. You can never take to many photos of a merry-go-round. Lol. Remember to build the coaster guys!
  7. ^ -Wooden out-and-back. -B&M Batman clone. -Vekoma Invertigo clone. -Little junior coaster that DJ made... -Schwarzkopf Shuttle. Thats it
  8. ^I'm pretty sure he isn't doing the coaster for NewElement. Some of us actually enjoy realistic parks. Great job CCI!
  9. Steel: Kraken at Seaworld Orlando Wood: Timberhawk: Ride of Prey at Wild Waves themepark in Federal Way Washington.
  10. ^Wow K&M, think of who your asking again. Of course theres hacks!
  11. An overview and a game exchange link would be the best way.
  12. Thanks K&M! Anyways, no update tonight but I have a challenge for anyone that wants to be "part" of this park. The challenge is to build the most realistic, amazing, 40x20 tile big coaster ever! The best coaster will be chosen and be supported and themed by me! Good luck to all!
  13. The cement glitches when its there, and there isnt a height restriction...
  14. It works pretty good on Windows 7, it has never crashed for me.
  15. I'll be sure to redo the coaster seeing as I am finishing the park up. ;D
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