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  1. Thanks guys for the kind words! Glad ya like it! Will do Nin.
  2. Thanks guys! Glad you like my stuff. Come ride the Log Jammer! The only flume in Washington! Note: I think this is my first themed ride.. ever!
  3. Hey guys! Thanks for all the nice comments! This isn't an update for the park, but check out these concepts i found in my RCT2 folder! Some of these are really old like the mine train, while some are still useable like the Timberhawk recreation. SCR191.BMP Little mine train from the early stages of SFW version 1... SCR147.BMP Hurler recreation from Hillsburg.. SCR186.BMP Also from Hillsburg. SCR127.BMP Such a nice/reusable woodie.
  4. Amazing park! Best park on the forums right now I think! The coasters are awesome!
  5. Now i know why people hate buildings. IMO, worst building ever.. lol Meanwhile DJ here is building amazing stuff.. Enjoy!
  6. He can be one if he wants, he can take my spot.. BTW the draft is on TPR Chat..
  7. So we have enough players and captains for a draft.. Can all the captains do the draft at around 4 PM PST tomorrow?
  8. You can still join, we need one for person to have even teams. D:
  9. So sign-ups are over. We still need 2 captains though..
  10. Just a reminder, sign-ups end in about 2 hours! Come sign-up before its to late!
  11. woo! Nin and Robbie joined! D: Any other want-to-be captains out there? We need 2 more...
  12. 4 people on a team, but you can only use 3 people at a time. We will have a draft thingy in chat once the deadline passes.
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