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  1. 2nd Annual RCT2 Showdown! After looking at the success of the previous showdown and after chatting with Djbrcace1234, we have decide to have ANOTHER showdown! We believe the showdown is an excellent way to improve while having fun! As with the previous showdown, you will be working in teams of 3 or 4 and will build with 3 of them to build a park to the best of your abilities in 3 weeks! The parks your team makes can have custom scenery, no custom scenery, or a mix of both. All teams will be chosen by a draft. The winner of each match will be decided by the public. No bench is provided so you can choose any! The deadline to sign up is November 27th at 12 PM Pacific Standard Time. Rules: -Bigger then 25x25 map -No helping other teams -No more then 6 people on a team -No using unfinished parks that you have, must start off on a clean bench. -No voting for your team. -4 builders MAX building on a park -players must be used in the season Captains: -MrSum1_55 RCT2Day AJClarke0912 Six Flags Enthuseast the ghost deathbydinn -Nin Batmen robmister ace of spades PSiRockin funkeymon Jerrykoala2112 -Coupon Coupon And 5 Others djbrcace1234 tdub96 braztaz 10ryansmith doublestufforeo -Kraken & Manta sfgamguy CCI CoasterCreator9 paradisecoaster accelerate ROUND ONE DEADLINE: DECEMBER 17th AT 12 PM PST! Rpund 2: Dec. 31 Round 3: Jan. 14th
  2. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Guess who built it? Pretty easy to tell who built what.. Enjoy! EDIT: Thanks for the comments guys... -.-
  3. ^Nyan hyper! xD Anyways, yes to both ideas MIke. Both will probably end up looking amazing! Also, GCI or Dinn for SFW?
  4. Should I keep the entrance sign? Yay for more Goliath pictures. D: Also, I am looking for someone to build a nice, realistic coaster for the park. Coasters arn't my thing. Enjoy!
  5. Aj, to remove the brown pad you just color the land underneath a different color and use map object manipulation on 8 cars to lower it by one unit. To remove the huts, follow this tutorial: http://www.nedesigns.com/topic/20618/hack-like-a-winhacker/
  6. I'm thinking of dumping SFW and starting a NCS park... Thoughts?
  7. Thanks guys, I have changed the color so its a blue-gray mix. Keep up the comments!
  8. I will remove the trees and probably theme it more guys. D: Anyways, here is Goliath's station! (Very unfinished..) Enjoy!
  9. ^You could but the track beyond the merge must be going the opposite direction so it dosent glitch and make ghost track. Diagonals cant be made invisible though.
  10. ^Thanks! Anyways, do you guys remember my old six flags park that I never finished? Well here it is! Coupon's Unfinished Park Also heres a little peek at Thomas Town.
  11. Thanks! Well, it is a very slow ride so I don't think the riders would want a longer ride. Thanks for the comments!
  12. Come ride Old Timers! A little car ride through the woods!
  13. So I have been thinking of coaster line-ups for SFW... Here is what I have so far: Currently: -Schwarzkopf flywheel shuttle -B&M out n' back hyper -B&M Batman clone -Vekoma Invertigo clone -Some kiddie coaster DJ made What I am thinking of: -GCI twister/ Intamin plug n' play -PAX family coaster/Togo invert thingy -Vekoma Loop n' screw -Schwarzkopf portable looping coaster Thoughts?
  14. It looks bigger in game, thats why. Thanks R.D., your words inspire me so much! It hits the straight at 50 mph... Not a good idea. its only 1 little straight piece.... Already fixed/ Thanks!
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