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  1. Thanks guys! I won't change the cars though.. The SLC cars don't swing and don't look as fluid turning in-game.
  2. Coupon's first building in a while.. Does it make the cut for SFW? ;D
  3. Originally built in 1985, Viper was a staple in the park... Until Goliath cut the path to the ride in 2007.. The ride has been SBNO ever since..The dippin' dots guy says it will be removed for more parking lot. ;D SCR2.BMP Goliath's grand helix.
  4. Looks amazing so far RD! One of my favorite parks on here so far.
  5. Thanks guys! I'm aiming for a high bronze at NE. Have a ball on Free Fall!
  6. I only see one fault so far, you might want to lower the water levels a click so its more realistic... Other then that, good work!
  7. Eh, if my previous park won one, then I think this one will win too. Thanks! It will be up for download once it goes through voting at NE... Thanks for the nice comments guys! Keep it up!
  8. ^I don't have them in my bench... Picture of the lakeside area..
  9. ^Thanks! After 8 years, Python still dosen't have its actual entrance, or area..
  10. Thanks SFE! Its a whole different version, I didnt think this original cut it. Thanks!
  11. ^Thanks! Front half of the park is done. :] (Outline all the coasters for a download ) Parking booth test.. Working
  12. At 12 in the afternoon... So it a little more then 2 hours. EDIT: Due to only having one entry, Mr_Sum's team wins! The download link to the park will be linked once he uploads it to the game exchange.. Other teams should step it up! D: SCR164.BMP Overview
  13. Thanks AFA! Just a side-note, but I am looking for someone who is pretty good at the game to do a building or two? PM me for details... It would be greatly appreciated!
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