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  1. This might be the worst season ever in terms of snow for my local resort. Instead of snow, we're forecasted to get 5 inches of rain this weekend.. I regret buying a season pass so much!
  2. My senior high school schedule: Period 1: AP Physics 1 Period 2: Video Productions Period 3: AP Spanish Period 4: AP Gov. Period 5: AP Calc. AB Period 6: AP Lit.
  3. I finally got a GoPro so hopefully I can make a cool video of me shredding up at Mt. Baker this weekend!
  4. I've only been up once so far this season. It needs to snow more before I go up again... A 50 inch base is not good enough. :c
  5. Carrousel courtesy of nin. Octopus and a restaurant. The Zephyr located on the boardwalk. Enjoy!
  6. Nin: Shush! xD New entrance for a park with a new name!
  7. ^That sucks! There is only about a month until the season ends here. :c I managed to take some more picture today, Sunday the 24th, Overall, it was a really fun day and the slopes were void of people. A view of Mt. Shuksan. Looking up at the main blue runs at the resort that come off of Chair 5. Such a beautiful mountain! Gunner's Bowl and the entrance to The Canyon. Making my way down an unmarked black diamond called Sticky Wicket Nothing like skiing on the edge of a 40 foot cliff! I'll close this report off with a nice picture of Shuksan. Enjoy!
  8. AMAZING day at Baker last Sunday. 13 inches new and it was snowing all day. The sun even came out for a while! My favorite place on Earth! <3 Early morning turns on North Face which is a black diamond. My new favorite run, Pan Face, mid morning. Who said its never sunny in washington? 2nd to last run of the day on Lower Canuck's. Nothing like marked runs inside Extreme Danger Zones! (Pan Face) The chairlift that is visible is Chair 1. Panoramic view from the top of Chair 6. it was almost lunch time when i took this and look how many tracks there was! Enjoy!
  9. So I went to Mt. Baker on a powder day... Look how busy it was!
  10. Thanks guys! logo by brockboehm Sorry for the slightly unfinished screens! The new queue for the Pirate Ship! Enjoy!
  11. Good park, but I have two suggestions. First, there is a feature called "spell check" which you should use in order to make your posts look more professional. Also, I would chill on the updates as these daily updates are super similar to each other. We do not need to see a whole update each time you add a flower bed or a few supports.
  12. The official minecraft forums have lots of information. There's various sub forums for texture packs and mods too. Link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum Hope this helps!
  13. I think you would get more comments if you finished more of the park before you showed it. Looks empty and bare with all the vacant land around it but whats there is nice.
  14. Night skiing at Stevens Pass! (1/20/13) Trail map from Skimap.org: ---- Stevens Pass is a ski area located at the heart of one of Washington's Cascade mountain passes. Stevens is 1,125 acres which is only 125 acres more than my home mountain, Mt. Baker. The ski resort doesn't get a ton of snow, but they still get an impressive average of 450 inches a year. There is a backside of the ski area, but it is closed at night since it isn't lighted. Most of the blue runs are lit and all of the green runs are lit. None of the black diamond runs are lit though. 6 out of 10 lifts are open for night skiing including the resort's two high-spreed quad lifts; Hogsback Express and Skyline Express. Other lifts that are open are two doubles; Brooks and Kehr's Chair (Big Chief) and two triples: Daisy and Tye MIll. The snow conditions on the lit runs was meh as the surface was ice and there were bumps everywhere. Overall, I think Mt. Baker has more challenging green and blue runs compared to the ones at Stevens. ---- I apologize for the bad picture quality. My camera doesn't take good night photos. D: The resort's three lodges. Tye Creek lodge on the left, Granite Peaks lodge in the middle, and Pacific Crest on the right. Most of the lit area looking from Showcase off of Kehr's Chair. Daisy, the beginner lift. (Yes, those chairs are pink.) Hogsback Express's lower station. Skyline Express's station is almost identical. Looking up Hogwild which is a run off of Hogsback Express. ---- Enjoy!
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