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  1. Why the heck did Pete Carroll call that time out? Seahawks would've won if he hadn't called it.
  2. Nothing like a bluebird day up at Mt. Baker! So amazing! Does anyone have tips for landing jumps? I've read that you have to lean back on landing. (Skis)
  3. Looks like RG3 is out now... Seattle might actually win now!
  4. Mt. Baker is my home mountain> I don't think we have a terrain park, but there is a halfpipe that is slowly getting filled in by the huge amounts of snow. ^.^ If you think a PA resort has tons of powder, then you need to come take a trip to Mt. Baker! Other mountains I have been to include Whister Blackcomb, and Grouse Mountain. None of the other mountains I've been to even come close to Baker though.
  5. Just a really messy castle test. Probably wont go anywhere...
  6. I think either Raw Siennia or Green Drab would look nice! Amazing job on this! Can't wait to see the finished product!
  7. Hello! As some of you know, I really enjoy skiing, so I would like to share some of my adventure with you guys! I plan to mostly have Mt. Baker trip reports here, but I may include some other ski areas in the mix as well! Here is what I plan to hit this year: -Mt. Baker (A ton!) -Stevens Pass (A few times) -Whistler-Blackcomb -Grouse Mountain These ones depending if I have time: -Lake Louise -Revelstoke -Summit at Snoqualmie -Crystal Mountain November 25th Today was my first day of the season at Mt. Baker! It was a bluebird day and crowds were minimal. I didn't take many pictures since we rarely get bluebirds here so I wanted to ski a lot. I am very fortunate to have Mt. Baker as my home mountain as it holds the record for the highest amount of snow recorded. They got 1,140 inches of snow in a single season (1999). That is over 95 feet of snow over the season! We also average over 700 inches of snow a season. It is all natural too. ;D The ski area has 8 chairlifts and all of them are fixed grip quads. There are also 2 ropetows, one at each base area, for the beginners. The layout of the ski area is confusing at first, but it makes more sense once you get used to it. Here is a trail map courtesy of Skimap.org: PDF file! http://skimap.org/data/191/7/1353192642.pdf Here are my reviews and descriptions of each chairlift: Chair 1: Originally a double chair, Chair 1 was the first chairlift installed at Mt. Baker. The double got replaced by a Fixed Grip Quad (FGQ) made by Doppelmayr for the 2008 season. The lift starts at the Heather Meadows base area and terminates at the top of Panorama Dome. Due to recoloring of 2 trails, Chair 1 serves most of the expert ("Black Diamond") runs on the mountain. There are two Double Diamonds you can access from this lift, Gunner's Bowl, and the Chute. I personally love this lift as it accesses two of my favorite runs; the Canyon, and a former-"blue" called the Blueberry Cattrack. This lift can easily be lapped as there is a mid-station right at the bottom of Panorama Dome. Chair 2: This FQG was made by Riblet and serves the main bunny hill for the ski area. All the runs of it are "Green". To access it, you have to ski down a hill from Heather Meadows, or access it from Chair 4. I personally love this chair as it almost never has a crowd which means I can just blast the runs. There tons of groomed sub-trails here not shown on the trail map which contain great airtime moments. The thing I hate about this chair though, is that in order to get back to Heather Meadows, you have to ride this lift... Chair 3/4: This FGQ was made by CTEC(?) and is the main connector between the Raven Hut restaurant and Heather Meadows. All runs of this lift are Blue. There are 2 Blacks and one Green that come off the lift though. The main trail is the Cat Track which is a pretty fun as you need tons of speed to go up the small uphill part unless you want to walk up it.. The Chair 3 part of the lift is really easy to lap too as it is really short and accesses fun terrain. This lift also has a mid-station which only allows you to disembark from either side. Chair 5: Originally two side by side Doubles, Chair 5 is now a FGQ. All terrain of this lift is Blue except for Gabls which is the mountain's third Double Diamond. This is probably my favorite lift as the terrain is very varied. There are steep hills, rolling bumps, and some nice tree skiing opportunities. This chair leads to White Salmon lodge, Chair 7, Chair 8, Chair 6, and Chair 4. This lift also leads to the Legendary Banked Slalom course which is located in a sweet natural half-pipe. Chair 6: Also a FGQ, Chair 6 serves the same terrain as Chair 1. I personally try to avoid this lift and I only use it when I feel like lapping the Canyon or any of the Blacks that lead to Raven Hut. Chair 7: The oldest FGQ at Baker, Chair 7 serves one run; a simple Green. D: I dislike this chair as it takes forever and since the terrain isn't nice. The only noteworthy item from this lift is the half-pipe which is unmarked on te trail map. I only use this lift to access Chair 8 or Chair 5 in the morning. Chair 8: Chair 8 is the longest lift on the mountain and serves the same terrain as Chair 5. The only difference is that Chair 8 ends higher than Chair 5. The ride time is about 15 minutes so I don't use it often. Time for the pictures! Right after a turn on the road, you see an amazing view of Chair 5! The snazzy new signs located around the ski area! The top of Chair 8 from the top of Chair 5. Looking down at Chair 5's terrain. Looking up at Chair 5's terrain. Looking at Chair 4 with Mt. Shuksan in the background. Chair 3 with Mt. Herman in the background. Enjoy!
  8. Starting a thread soon... EDIT: Yup, im pretty rusty at building buildings now. :S
  9. It looks to wide to me DJ. Perhaps bring the towers closer to the spinning part? Looks good though. I'm glad you are still working!
  10. ^Holy cow Ryan! I would've have never thought of making a figure 8 loop like that. I thought it involved tons of hacking.
  11. Thanks! Glad you like it! It will probably turn into a park, but we will see.
  12. Wow xtreme that looks great from what I see! I love how clean the foliage looks. If you ever need help on the park/ride, you know who to ask. ;D
  13. This is now my official bench! Great job Xtreme! now I don't have to make a new bench for my park.
  14. Add another win to the Seahawk's record! Best nail biter ending ever!
  15. @Coaster-rider: Nice main street! It really reminds me of Califolf's parks. Keep up the great work! @Ryan: Reminds me of some Travor coasters such as the Crystal Beach Cyclone. Looks intense! I would definitely put some first aid booths by there.
  16. Part of a new Full-Throttle like design. Just filling the 3 photo quota.. (Old) More filling of the quota. (Old)
  17. I'm just saying that you always complain about 1-time use tracks made in N-L that only work for one layout design yet you make a coaster train that only has one use and is made for only one layout. I respect the work you put in, but I would remove the decals.
  18. So the cars will all have Kingda Ka decals on them? Bad idea imo. The cars would serve one theme and use, just like a NL track. Slowly working..
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