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  1. I think you get a shirt if you make it out of "Alone" alone.
  2. Kumba is showing its age and can be rough, especially in the last row. Montu is still pretty smooth. Sheikra is like riding on a cloud. Gwazi is rough but I still enjoy it.
  3. When the first thing someone says on a cell phone is "Where you at?"
  4. WOW, so lucky. I thought it was cold here in Tampa at 50 degrees.
  5. Saturday the 28th I plan on getting people drunk at Guavaween in Ybor City in Tampa. On halloween night, if I am not working, I give out candy to the kids and adult beverages to the over 21 trick or treaters. Nothing to crazy as I don't have kids of my own and after working Guavaween I am pretty much over the Holiday.
  6. Tough choice. I would say Kumba at the closest park to me, Busch Gardens Africa.
  7. The Bauer family was on Wife Swap season premeir (Sept 17th???.) They take their piratitude very seriously. Cap'n Slappy was part of the show too. It was quite amusing.
  8. If you look at the land that the Disney Co ownes in Florida, including what is connected to WDW property, there are parcels (sp) that could, and probably should be sold. There are many "fingers" on the edges of the Disney property that are useless to the Company. They most likely know their borders, and know what they are planning for the future, and those little parcells of land are useless to them. I was actually surprised at the money that was paid for the land. I would have thought that land around WDW would be at least $1.0 MIL an acre. I paid more than that here in the Tampa Burbs
  9. check this site out, http://sm.dlpfan.org/history/bbc/index.html there is a link to a bbc documentary about 45 mins long and there are some pretty good shots of the ride.
  10. Hey! Brad from Tampa. 32 years old. I work at the Tampa Bay Brewing Company in Ybor City. Grew up in New Jersey, close to Philly and SFGAd. Moved to Tampa in 1996. Worked at Disney Reservations for 2 years. Travel as much as I can. Try to get to WDW or UO at least once a month. Cheers
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