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  1. I'll take Universal Orlando anyday over WDW. Much more affordable, more to do, and so many less strollers and elderly. Also going to both parks takes way less time than going to 2 at WDW without a monorail.
  2. Definitely do Kings Island. It is a great park for a 4 year old with outstanding childrens areas. I stayed at the comfort inn just outside of Kings Island last year. It's a good, reasonably priced hotel. No, you are not crazy. I did that last year, but added on Holiday world, Indiana Beach, and great America. 5 parks in 6 back to back days. I was at Cedar on Memorial Day and the day after. I would say crowds were light-moderate. Maverick was the only thing over a 1/2 hour wait. I'll be there on Sun. and Mon. of that weekend this year.
  3. I can't imagine either park being really busy. When I have been to parks in April I have had record days and had to take breaks from riding because everything was a walk on. However, when you are at Kings I would suggest riding I 305 first (assuming it is open) because it's still new and with the reprofile will still be popular, and then Volcano because of it's limited capacity. Take rerides if they are available. You could hit dominator after that, but it is high capacity and the line moves pretty quick. Those 3 are the best rides there. If you have any problem with blacking out, I would suggest riding I305 somewhere near the front. It was a harsh ride back in Oct. and that was with the trims and soft restraints. Have a good time!
  4. Robb, I just talked to Guest Releations at Magic Mountain and they told me it would be $39.99 to upgrade to a season pass, but a park entry ticket is required. Are we going to be given a ticket to enter the park with the West Coast Bash?
  5. I rode X2 and Tatsu first in the morning at the WCB last year. X2 had a 2-3 train wait and Tatsu only had 6 other people on it. At night Tatsu was still only 4-8 people per train and X2 was less than half full on each train. I was able to switch seats and switch trains when the train came back to the station on my 8 consecutive trips. ERT makes it well worth it to venture out there. Pretty much walk up and get on if you are not picky about seats. 1-2 train wait for back/front. It was a really pleasant day last year too.
  6. Thanks Robb. I just feel more comfortable registering first to make sure I'm in and the event is not sold out. Last year was my only TPR event I've attended, so I don't know how quickly they usually sell out. Hope you had a great birthday, by the way.
  7. BTMR is way less scary than test track. I remember being disappointed with it back in 1985 when I was in 5th grade. Space mountain was very scary for me back then, but now that I've been on some other other dark rides and got a lot older (LOL) I'm sure it would just be a Sunday cruise. Mummy is scarier than than all of these, but just a bit more than test track. I would suggest starting with BTMR, then Space Mt. If you can handle both of those, then try mummy. It's been rated the #1 dark rollercoaster in the world by Amusement Today and it would be a shame if you didn't experience it. Don't sell yourself short. A year older can make a huge difference. Rockin rollercoaster at Hollywood Studios would probably work as a steppingstone for you too, if you are tall enough to ride it.
  8. When will registration open? I think it was out already at this time last year. I need to make flight reservations soon. Does anyone know if Deja Vu, Superman, or Ninja are expected to be open for this event? I haven't been following MM since the season ended by me back in Oct. and I thought I had heard that back then. Thanks.
  9. No, I've only seen the top 20 that amusement today puts out. I'm glad you started this topic. I am very interested in this as well.
  10. Best of luck with this Jeff! If it is successful I would love to see you do this in Northern Illinois and replace Kiddyland.
  11. Wow, it's that far from Boston? I would have only guessed an hour, hour+.
  12. Is there any chance project 18 is what is happening to SupermanTE? I can't see MM getting this, plus the dancecoaster, and another coaster all for 2011.
  13. Well according to their rides page they are listing it as a thrill ride. SFNE draws between 1.4 and 1.7 million visiters a year depending on the weather, and this summer has been rain free. There is no way they should be putting a ride like this into a park that is surrounded by some of the richest states in the country. In no way will that coaster boost attendance at the park and that should be the goal of any business if they want to survive. Any ideas why this park doesn't get attendance numbers like GAm, GAd, or MM? Is it too far away, in a bad location, or is there too much competition nearby?
  14. Yes, but Great Adventure has more coasters to space people out and is listed as a top 20 attended park every year. Is New England that close to the top 20?
  15. "Then are you saying that The Wildebeest is a complete circuit ride?" If that is the case, then it means two things to me: 1) That has got to be a first of its type - a water slide that is in a complete circuit, and 2) I"VE GOT TO GET OVER TO HOLIDAY WORLD AND RIDE IT! "I would like to ride it too, but I might get my stuffings wet. Deluge at Kentucky Kingdom preceded this one. I consider both of these to be coasters. Coasterforce has a liquid catagory on their site and this is what these are.
  16. What does SFNE draw for attendance every year? I'm hoping to get there for the first time next year. I'm really surprised Bizzaro only has 2 trains for a park in a large populated area.
  17. You are 13, young enough that no coaster is painful for you. As you get older, you will likely see this change. I'm glad you had a good experience. Every time I've been there has been the same and I end up really disgusted by the end of the day. This place could be like Holiday World if it was in better hands, but they are not even close right now.
  18. Cyclops has incredible ejector air from the back. The only airtime Hades has is crashing into the sides of the car or the rider next to you. It's very intense, but also very painful. It's speed is what jumped out at me, not airtime. Don't set your expectations too high. The park has horrible operations. No one speaks english. Rides are not very well maintained and the place is poorly staffed by Eastern European young adults who are incompetent and lazy. I have yet to have a great experience here.
  19. Eric, when did the OSTR's go on Revolution? Was that back in the 90's also?
  20. About time some others are on my side! Back on my homepark forum it's been a my park is better than yours discussion. I am giving Magic Mt nothing but praise. I am very surprised at what some have said............... I don't know why Montezoomas is allowed to only have lap bars and Revy can't. Sooperdooperlooper is in a different state, thats all.
  21. At West Coast Bash, Tim Burkhart said the state made them put those on. It's not Magic Mt. that wanted them. It's too bad cause I'm guessing rev was a much better ride before them. I've only gotten to ride rev with them.
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