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  1. This is a great idea! Is there any reason why a ship can't put all of the rides that ever been a top of the Stratosphere Tower on board?
  2. A ship of this size weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 tons. This crane with 8 people aboard probably weighs somewhere in the 2 ton range. This is .002% of the ships weight. It would take a lot more than that to tilt it.
  3. I guess WDW has all of that stuff just to be nice to people, right? All for convenience. Anyway back on topic. What makes Discovery Cove the best value? Is it the personal attention? Or a chance to do something you can't do somewhere else?
  4. Yes, I know. Finally............ I'm looking very forward to the future of Orlando theme parks that Harry is driving. 2014 and on should be great years with a lot of completed new attractions and projects.
  5. While I understand what you mean by higher gate price, I get frustrated when people point out the high prices at SeaWorld, Disney Parks, Universal, etc.. Sure, the prices are higher, but the parks also spend so much more each year on new attractions. Have you ever heard of a Six Flags sinking 200 million into one ride like Radiator Springs Racer? No, but you get what you pay for. High prices, higher value. It really bothers me when Disney posts anything on Facebook and all anyone can say is about high prices. Sorry, if this went off topic. "Spend so much more on new attractions????? In the decade prior to Harry Potter, Orlando collectively hardly spent anything. Magic Kingdom has 1 less ride then it did in 1993. How many Cedar Fair or Six Flags parks can have that claim? Sure, Six Flags won't spend $200 million on one ride, but I'm sure many of their parks will get that much investment over 10 years. Disney is not spending $200 million on a new attraction every year. Antartica is $40 million. That is the most expensive attraction in Sea World history. I bet over a 4 year period, Magic Mountain and Cedar Point spend at least as much as any of the Seaworld parks in new attractions. There is plenty of complaining over on the Orlando United forum about Disneys penny pinching and extremely slow pace of bringing in new attractions. They take forever to build something. 2 of their parks are considered half day. If you think Disney is a higher value, have at it. Because for me Disney and value do not go together. They are complete opposites. Someday Mr. 18 year old, when you have to spend your own money and not your parents, maybe you will see things differently.
  6. Thanks Elissa. I had a feeling you had been on a few with all the traveling your family does.
  7. I have seen concept art and a video from S&S for a coaster that has a gyro car. It would be able to rotate in any direction. Also the ride system that Universal developed for the Forbidden Journey ride, has virtually unlimited potential. That thing can flip you any way it is programmed. Here is the patent for the S&S gyro. http://www.google.com/patents?id=LN_GAAAAEBAJ&pg=PA1&dq=james+sonntag+amusement&hl=en&ei=4aaoTqKxJIXKsQKO2oWlDw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CDAQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=james%20sonntag%20amusement&f=false Here is a video of a competitor. I can't find the S$S one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HLbS8uU4OY
  8. My fiance and I are planning on taking a 3 or 4 day Royal Caribbean cruise honeymoon, probably in early December from Florida to the Bahamas. This will be my first cruise and she has only taken 1 a long time ago. For those of you that have experience in this, how far in advance would you suggest to book? Do the prices fluctuate like airline prices do, or do they stay fairly consistent? Right now Expedia has a $100 lower price than Royal Caribbean does on their website. Is this common? We would have booked already, but we don't know exactly what days we are going yet. Is this a good time to cruise? Will this time frame keep us out of hurricane season? Will it keep us away from the most crowded times of the year? Thanks.
  9. Yes, but all the Seaworld parks have a much higher gate price and most of their parks operate year round. Seaworld likely gets their guests to spend more in the parks too, in food and merchandise. Magic Mountain isn't even open during the week in winter. And the competition brings more visitors to the area. When people visit Chicago, I can't imagine going to Great America to be much of a priority.
  10. 77 million seems really low with 1.4 billion in revenue. My math says that is only 5.5% profit on the 1.4 billion. I'm beginning to see why there is talk of an IPO. It will take them forever to pay off the 4 billion they paid for the parks at this rate. I've heard Magic Mountain and Six Flags Great America can make 50 million a year on their own, which is another reason I would have expected Seaworld Parks to have been higher.
  11. Does anybody know if this park has anymore vacant land for new projects? It looks like the waterpark has some. There is a sizable parcel to the north of Congo River Rapids with a pond on it. Does Busch own this and if so, are they allowed to develop it? Are there any other areas for expansion of the dry park, but obviously not at the expense of the animals? http://maps.google.com/?vm=r&s=1
  12. Living near Gurnee is not ideal at all. Six Flags Great America is 1 hour away for me with no competition in it's market. Mt. Olmypus is 2 hours away and it's one of the worst parks I have been to. Indiana Beach is 4 hours away and the worst park I have been to. After that Adventureland in Iowa, Valleyfair and Nick Universe in Minnesota 5hrs, Holidayworld 7hrs, and Cedar Point 7 1/2 hours. Not good at all. I sure wish Universal had come to Chicago in the 1990's.
  13. I've ridden Sheikra more, but I like Griffon better. I prefer the 10 wide train, the second inversion, and the airtime bump Griffon has at the end of it before the splashdown. Both are very good rides, just outside my personal top 10 steel.
  14. ^^ Any idea where they are? I cannot find Freefall coasters even listed on their company website.
  15. Intamin may not be proven, but at least they had done this before. I guess we will have an answer in a year.
  16. Price is a big reason why I wonder why Busch went with Zierer. Had they gone with a proven Intamin design, it likely would have been less than $20 million for the coaster, plus something extra for the themeing. It seems to me that Busch got ripped off. They payed way too much and got a product that has too many problems. I don't know how much the themeing cost for Verbolten, but $10 million can buy a lot. So how much did Busch pay for just the coaster? They spent $54 million.
  17. I didn't know about the trade for DarKastle, so yes that was a good one. Does DarKastle still have problems? My second trip on it had several things missing that were in the first trip. Busch spent a ridiculous $54 million on Verbolten, which seems way more than Intamin would have charged. Thirteen at Alton towers only cost $15 million. It's also been open around 10 weeks when I went. It would have been one thing to be shut down for a couple of hours or so, but not at least 2 days straight. I had a great time at Busch. But 4 of the other people I went with will probably never be there again and Verbolten was something we all were looking very forward to riding. I still would like to see one more major attraction added there soon, whether it be another coaster or especially a dark ride. There have been rumors of another dark ride and year round operation on BGW fans.
  18. Williamsburg seems like they have had an ongoing problem with choosing the correct manufacturer for quite some time. Choose one company to build Drachen Fire, not 2. Use a proven drop tower company like Intamin, not someone new. Use a company with proven drop and launch technology, like Intamin for Verbolten, not someone new. I was there last Monday and I was so disappointed Mach Tower and especially Verbolten were both down. Had I known that, I may not have gone. Verbolten opened before X flight and Skyrush and both of those have been open when I have gone this year. As an outsider who only gets to Busch once every few years, this park badly needs more to do. It needs to catch up to Tampa. Having these 3 rides, plus the mouse that got sent away would help a lot.
  19. Hidy ho everybody! This is my first time posting in this thread. I am heading out to the east coast this weekend with my girlfriend. We are both in our 30's. We are planning on stopping at Hersheypark on Wed the 27th and Thursday the 28th. Neither of us has been there before. We won't be able to get there until about noonish on Wed, because we have to drive up from Busch Gardens. I read the plan that Okinawaboy and coasterlover posted. We would like to do the chocolate factory tour as soon as we get there. Which of the 4 attractions should we do? The trolley is the one that interests me the most, but are there any "must do's" between the other 3? Are advanced tickets suggested, or will we be able to get right into the attractions? For shows, we are planning on seeing Chocapella, Tap, Rock n roll homecoming, and showdown at cocoa canyon. Any more that are strongly recommended? Or any of these that are not worth our time? It looks like Great Bear, Skyrush, Stormrunner, Fahrenheight, and Lightening Racers are the best coasters. Where are the best seats to ride these 5? We hope to ride them all, but if we can't what should be skipped besides Sidewinder? I've ridden that model elsewhere. We don't plan on getting fast lane passes. Are there any strongly recommended flats? I've ridden the claw at county fairs. What about any unique water rides that aren't the same model that every other park has, beside Rollersoaker? How about food in the park? Any places I just have to try? Or what are the places that have the best food/value? What hotels should I look at staying? I'd like to keep it at under $80 a night with breakfast. I'm planning on having 21-22 hours over the 2 days to complete all of this and we like to soak up as much as we can. Thanks.
  20. Have you ridden a GCI or Intamin pre fab? I don't think Viper could compete with either of these!
  21. Is this based on the vast and storied history Six Flags has with Mack (3 Mouse in a box coasters in the entire chain), or is this another case of someone stumbling upon pictures of Blue Fire on rcdb and adding it to the top of a wish list? Not trying to be snarky or anything, I've just noticed the latter is a pretty common occurrence (despite reviews here and there that perhaps it looks more thrilling than it rides). It was plain as day to me last year, when so many people were saying we would be getting a daredevil dive clone or zacspin, that we would be getting a B&M wingrider. Great America LOVES safety, comfort, and reliability. That's why they buy B&M when they can. Mack has shown Great America that too, with the Dark Knight. Now they have proven launch technology and an awesome lap bar harness that holds riders even with inversions. Manta just opened at Sea World SD, and I'm sure the industry will notice how it is working. From what I hear, Great America is not exactly overjoyed with V2. It's very expensive to run and needed modifications. And it's well known about Intamins safety problems. So, no I don't know for sure, but this is what I get by putting 2 & 2 together.
  22. If Great America went with a launched coaster, it would most likely be a Mack. I'm hoping for GCI though.
  23. I had a feeling this what Cedar Point would get. Hopefully the seats rotate. Xflight is really compact, so hopefully they can get the bulk of this thing inside the current park boundaries and not lose parking lot. I really feel that a wooden twister, either a GCI or Intamin prefab, would be better for this area, and then come back in a few years and put a huge B&M 4D where Mean Streak is.
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