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  1. Exactly, best ride I ever rode. Superman the Escape, Revolution, Colossus are all as bad if not worse, and I think Batman is the worst invert I have been on. Needless to say I don't agree with your statement. Yes, these are Magic Mt. three worst coasters. But I didn't get off of any of these in pain.
  2. I totally agree. Magic Mt. doesn't have anything nearly as bad as Mean Streak or Iron Wolf. Comparing Magic Mt. to my home park of SF Great America, you guys have a much better stand up, flyer, and wood. You still have Deja Vu and Viper that we lost. Plus we don't have a floorless or anything close to X2. X2 is my #1 ride. It's the only one in the country. I've been to Cedar Point and Magic Mt this year. Cedar is the better overall park, but Magic Mt has the better coaster collection. Appreciate what you have, it is OUTSTANDING. That's why I hope to fly out every year so I can experience it too.
  3. Eric, I've been to Cedar Point and Kings Island this year, and have SFGam as my homepark, all 3 have quality and quantity, and Magic Mt has a better collection than any of these 3. The lineup is way better than decent. What makes it so great is that there is nothing rotten in it and it has so much depth from top to bottom. I would trade you in a heartbeat. Where are these smaller parks? I don't want to miss out.
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