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  1. I know there's no way it could run with 3 trains, but I would think a year around park, would invest in 3 trains for all their rides that way they can always have at least 2 trains operational. For that to happen you have to have the budget and staffing to be able to maintain these extra trains. As it is now it seems like that is being stretched thin.
  2. Only time will tell, but that top gun stall will certainly make explaining why Revolution **must** have OTSR's more interesting. Yeah really!
  3. Link to Article Good.... frikin idiot! Too bad about his injury but it's his own damn fault.
  4. 'Replace' the parking lot under Scream with a giant shark pit..... problem solved!
  5. I have noticed on Riddlers the seats in general can be difficult to push down when unlocked compared to other stand ups I've been on. Very difficult. Maybe it was something like that?
  6. huh? I was told the old ice cream shop will be turned into a souvenir shop. are they still planning on doing this somewhere in the screampunk area? cant wait to see the new colossus merch. I will be saving up especially for that! That building is large enough for both...probably why they went with a sandwich shop (pre-made sandwiches in a refrigerated case doesn't take up much space). What??? SFMM doing pre made refrigerated sandwiches instead of made fresh? Unbelievable!
  7. This pic is awesome! Maybe this has been answered already. What is to happen to the side of the station that is not going to be used?
  8. I agree. It's actually ridiculous. They are building a ride that is AT LEAST going to be 100 times better than the original, that should be enough right there but apparently not. I haven't been this excited for a new ride in a long time. The layout, the track colors, the trains, it's just gonna be awesome!
  9. Yes actually unlocked only thing holding the restraint is safety belt and i tell ride ops about. Wow, that is scary. I can't imagine what that must have felt like.
  10. Are you saying your restraint on Scream actually unlocked? If this is true you should have notified the ride ops when you returned to the station.
  11. Really?! You start an ebolaesque frenzy with the statement, "Interesting stuff going on at TC's construction. " And respond with, "I just saw some workers talking and funky looking stuff, nothing picture worthy so I just figured it was interesting." Seriously?! Generally one would follow the statement, "Interesting stuff going on at TC's construction. ," with say... ...pictures of the workers installing glory holes to each individual seat of the ride vehicle. That I would find as, "Interesting stuff going on at TC's construction. " I agree and ... LOL!!!
  12. Where? Anywhere they want! You have to understand that if a park really wants something big like this, even if it seems like to you there is no room for it, if they really want it they WILL find a way to make it work and fit, whatever that entails.
  13. 1. How is Superman "a mess"? 2. Is it possible that is is not unusual and that these are just things you noticed more because you were looking for things like this to happen? 3. Park could have been having a bad day.
  14. And pretty soon I hope we're going 200 mph, and over 500 feet. That would be hard to do with G-forces. Why, are you a coaster designer? Do you know for a fact that this is hard? These designers and engineers can do all kinds of tricky things to make a ride like that work.
  15. You don't use a seatbelt a lot of times yet it's a good measure to have and you can never be too safe? Well it doesn't work if you don't use it, right? Just sayin' but I do get your point.
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