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  1. Home park is World's of Fun. Best Coaster = Prowler with Patriot a close second.
  2. I didn't read all of this, but I thought I would throw out my experience. We got a killer deal on the Hyatt Place just down the highway and it may be the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in. Use priceline, it is your friend.
  3. I'm going to with an above poster that I don't think it's a CF policy. I have had many a re-ride at WoF, especially last year. Maybe it just depends on the crew you get, but last year my wife and I rode Timber Wolf for about 35 minutes before we got off. (BTW if you ride Timber Wolf, second from the last row is the money spot) I've also had luck with re-rides on Patriot and Mamba. Anyways, great trip report. I like seeing people's TR on my home park.
  4. I shoot with a Canon 20d most of the time. I have 3-4 Canon point and shoots and a JVC HD camcorder that NEVER gets used.
  5. We did it last summer and it was just under 4 hours. We took the map quest route, which is 2-lane highway until you start going back towards Columbus and then South into Cincy. The good thing is that KI is on the North side of Cincy, so you don't have to go into the city at all.
  6. First Park: World's of Fun First Coaster: Patriot or Prowler First New Park: Six Flags New England First New Coaster of 2010: Bizarro (1st ride for me), I305 (first NEW coaster) First Food Bought: Probably a funnel cake...
  7. Wife and I are taking a trip this summer. We were set on the TRP trip, but I am back in school getting my MBA and class would not allow. However, July 1- July 8th, we are going on one since I'll be off. Here is what we have planned, let me know thoughts on other parks to hit in the area that we should instead of the ones we are hitting. We are trying to hit as many of the big rides as we can. We are renting a car in Hartford, and then ending up down in Virigina. Starting with SFNE, SFGAdv., SFA, Dorney, Hershey, KD, BGW. I know this is a pretty main stream trip, but it is our first trip like this. Last year we went to CP and KI. The reason we have so many SF parks is that we have season passes and with Dorney we have Platinum passes for Cedar Fair since our home park is WoF. Thanks in advance. Hopefully my soon to be aquired ClubTPR membership will be able to get some use as well
  8. 2010 parks I will be visiting: World's of Fun (home park) Six Flags St. Louis Silver Dollar City ValleyFair Six Flags Great America Six Flags Great Adventure Six Flags New England Six Flags America BGE Hershey Dorney Kings Dominion Carowinds All the East Coast ones are on the Ryerson 2010 East Coast Trip. Was planning on TPR's, but my MBA classes will not allow.
  9. I don't post much, but I read this site a few times daily. I would happily pay $40 to be in Club TRP. I haven't been on a trip yet, was going to this year but real life is currently in the way. One thing I'd like to see, and this may already happen, but when the trips roll through towns where members may live, if they are members they can join up at their local park for the ERTs and fun events for the day. Like I said that may be the case, but if not, would be fun. I'd join up for the WoF, Silver Dollar City and St. Louis stops. Anyways, count me in.
  10. Name: Nathan Ryerson Age: 27 What is your roller coaster count? 78 What is your home park? World's of Fun What is the nearest big city? Kansas City, MO What is your occupation? Financial Advisor About how many times a year do you visit a park (including your home park)? 10-15 About how many times a year do you travel to a park that is not your home park? 1-3 When you travel do you go primarily to amusement parks or do you also try and hit other sites? Depends, parks are usually my first priority and if I can fit more in, I do. What is the farthest you’ve traveled to go to an amusement park? Sandusky, OH Does roller coaster time get in the way of family time? (Do you choose to miss your children’s or family’s sporting events, holidays, birthdays, etc…) No Do you have any other major hobbies? Big PC gamer. Is my wife a hobby? Do you get feelings of sadness in the offseason? Do you even have an offseason? Do you travel during the offseason? I get really anxious to ride coasters during the offseason. Do you consider yourself friends with someone you met who works at an amusement park? (Or reverse it, if you work or worked and an amusement park have you made friends with enthusiasts?) Nope Would it bother you to go to an amusement park by yourself? No Have you gone to an amusement park by yourself? If so have you ever ran into another enthusiast and tagged along with them? I've never done by myself. Do you find it easy to make friends with other enthusiasts? Never tried actually, which may be why I joined TPR. How do you get your coaster news? TPR, screamscape. How many different forum sites do you regularly post on? Coaster sites just TPR, thepointol and a king's island site. If there was a poll that asked a large pool of enthusiasts what their favorite roller coaster is, what do you think would be the top 3 responses be for wood? And for steel? Wood: Voyage, Thunderhead and ElToro maybe? Steel: SMRoS/Bizarro, MF annnnnnd Behemoth? Same scenario but for amusement parks, what would be the top 3? CP, SFMM annnd maybe a BG park? Not sure, I haven't been to as many as others on here. Have you ever “stole a kid” to get a credit on a kiddie coaster? I'm not a whore. Do you cut other categories out of your budget to make trips to parks? (Entertainment, fast food, holidays, tobacco or alcohol, etc…) Nope. Before you visit a new park do you research the park finding the best way to navigate the park, get the best deals, or what days to go? Of course. Do you feel the roller coaster enthusiast community is a warm and accepting community, or a negative and discouraging community? I have found it positive so far. I am new to the scene, as I didn't really know it existed. I've always been addicted to coasters, but this community has just kicked that up a notch or two. Do you like to talk about your hobby with people who are not roller coaster enthusiasts? Yeah, people are always amazed when I talk to them about it.
  11. I agree with Mamba being better than Mr. Freeze. I have ridden a few hypers and Mamba still gives me some great airtime on the second hill, usually don't hit my seat until the bottom. I rode freeze a long time ago, the year after it opened, and I just wasn't that impressed. Backing up my earlier comments and others' comments, if you have not ridden Prowler, it is a must. It is my top wood coaster by far. Night rides are unlike any coaster experience I've ever had.
  12. First post! Anyways, you should have stuck around for a night ride on Prowler. It takes the ride to a whole new level, after the camera flash you go blind until the turn around. Amazing. The wife and I go over about once a week just to get in a couple night rides. I'm going to have to give SFStl a shot to ride Kneival.
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