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  1. What is your favorite Star Wars movie?


    Was it one of the originals, Chapters 4,5 &6?

    The prequels Chapters 1,2 & 3


    Or the enhanced versions of the originals?


    I'm pretty much old school and grew up with all of them liking "A New Hope" the best. It really doesn't bother me like it does some on the enhanced versions. Although Han did shoot first!

  2. Spoilers




    ^ Negan won't be in the next episode as he has just recently been casted and all of part one of this season was filmed months ago. There is a slim to none chance of his group being seen as his character was cast for the season finale and I doubt they will show members of his group for half a season without showing their leader. The mid-season finale will be a positive episode where everyone gets back together and the alexandrians will learn that they can fight off zombies. I not too sure as to what will happen with the wolves though.



    Well we got to see Negan and his gang last night.

  3. Glenn is not out of the woods yet. He still hasn't connected with the rest of the group. My guess is Daryl, Abraham, Sasha and Glenn will lead most of the walkers away. I think Negan is going to play a big part next week and then we will have to wait until February 14th to see how it plays out.

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