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  1. I'm watching but it has really turned into Big Brother outdoors. There really isn't much surviving anymore.


    First rule of Survivor is once you feel comfortable, your screwed! Bye Shirin!


    What is interesting is this is being called Survivor 31. Survivor 32 was already complete when these guys took off from the live final episode of Survivor 30. That means there is a cast that we know nothing about that will have to wait a year to find out who won.

  2. Honestly, I find Lex's drop to be just as exciting, especially my first ride. Having Supreme Scream at Knott's as my only real frame of reference for big drop rides, I was used to about 2 seconds of actual freefall before hitting the gradual air pressure slowdown. The extra second-ish of drop time on Lex actually started triggering a bit of a panic response. My brain was like "Wait, why am I still falling? We should have hit the brakes by now. Wtf? Something's wrong."


    I know what you mean. It was a much longer drop then what I was used too.

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