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  1. Next season filming is going to be delayed because of weather! Because Winter has come finally they want it to be a bit gloomier when filming so they are waiting for ..... Winter. No word yet on if it will bump the season from its usual start in March

  2. So who is John Snow's father? Rhaegar Targaryen ? That would make him Dany's nephew. Ned Stark claiming him from as his son when his sister died would keep Robert Baratheon from killing him because he is a Targaryen. Wouldn't that also make John the heir to the throne? Rhaeger would have been next in line after the Mad King was killed making John in line.

  3. and as to the other big move in last night's episode. . . here's what i posted on FB earlier (that has a LOT of my friends going "hmmmmmmm")





    Everyone caught up on GoT from last night?. . . good, cause I"m gonna say something that may or may not be a spo



    No way in Hell was that Arya.


    The "clues" don't add up:

    1) was too casual and blatant walking around the market and booking passage to Westeros (what???)

    2) where was Needle?

    3) how did she get *any* money? she was barely scraping by as a begger.


    Nope. . I think that was a "test" of the waif, and one she failed. Remember, Jogen told her to kill Arya swiftly and not to let her suffer -- something stabbing her repeatedly in the stomach is NOT doing. . . .


    SO.. . that wasn't Arya, that was Jogen testing the Waif (and she failed).


    *if* by some chance in hell that WAS Arya? . . then it was a set up with the Actress from the theater troupe (using lots of padding and stage blood) to draw out the assassin Arya knew was coming.


    But i'll stick with my theory that it was Jogen wearing Arya's face.


    So what do you think of your theory now?

  4. I don't know if anyone asked this yet, but why no 24- Hour Party this year? Did something happen??


    In my opinion it doesn't fit really well for the park. I think Robb posted pictures a few years ago and the park was pretty empty. The visitors to the park are mostly tourists. I don't think very many would want to stay up all night on vacation.To me it seems like something more for the local crowd.

  5. We get local milk delivery, and have for decades.


    Now, for the first time in "I can't remember when," someone

    stole two bottles of milk off our front porch this morning!


    I figure they didn't take the third bottle, because he/she could only

    take one bottle in each hand.


    We're letting this one go, until next week's delivery. Then, if this

    happens again, I'm afraid we'll have to cancel delivery, permanently.



    We do live in an area of the city, where anybody off the street could

    do this. Still, after so many decades of delivery..... sad.


    They still deliver milk? I haven't seen that in 40 years. Maybe it's a Canadian thing still.


    My rant is the word "Game Changer" It rarely ever is when used.

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