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  1. Has anyone looked into this rumor? It started last month in March, and has been gaining a lot of attention. Here is the Nerdist article.


    According to WDW News Today, Disney is looking to opt out of their Twilight Zone licensing use and there’s a real possibility of a Guardians of the Galaxy-themed overlay of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.


    The change most likely won’t occur at the other ride locations in Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, Tokyo DisneySea or Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris. Disney California Adventure is the perfect place for a smooth Marvel transition into the park, with the Hollywood Land providing the opportunity for a superhero overlay.


    DisneySea doesn't use the Twilight Zone theme.


    It would be interesting to see what the would come up with to make the whole ride mesh together with a new theme. Don't think it will happen though.

  2. Back in 07 I went on dueling dragons and I pulled out my camera to make a video, but right before we went up on the lift hill they stopped the trains. The fire one was halfway up the lift and us on the ice one was stopped at the bottom & they made me put my camera away....


    After I did, then the coaster continued and the red train didn't move until we matched up with it and we synced. So I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be a problem to do the same with TC lol..... just don't be caught with a camera out right before the lift hill lmao


    Except that was the old Universal and this is Six Flags we are talking about!

  3. Looks like they had a at the festival of the lion king show. Not sure how much damage, but the rest of today's shows were canceled and tomorrows shows may be as well. More info here....



    Video of people being evacuated in the smoke.




    Doesn't look like it was too serious.

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