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  1. First kiddie coaster was in a local park By the Fresno Zoo around 1964. My first real coaster that I can remember was the Big Dipper at SCBB around 1966. It scared the heck out of me. I was riding with my Dad and he pulled the lap bar down tight for him, but me being 6 or 7 at the time left a lot of room. I remember sliding all over the place.

    First looping coaster was Montezuma's Revenge at KBF in about 1978.

  2. A couple of years ago at SFA we were just coming into the station when the train stopped on Superman -Ride of Steel. We were stuck for about 30 minutes. The worst part was it started raining. The ride ops couldn't have cared less. They could have easily evacuated us but didn't. Given us a front of line pass but didn't, Brought us some ponchos but didn't. I was very dissapointed in how they handled it.


    The year before I was on Splash Mountain in Disneyland when it broke down, twice on the same trip. The first time we at the bottom of the first little lift hill. After about 2 or 3 minutes, the guy in front of me jumped out of the log and wanted to see what was over the first hill. No sooner had he got out of the log we heard over the load speaker "SIR, PLEASE REMAIN IN THE LOG, THE RIDE WILL RESUME SHORTLY" It wasn't more then a minute and the ride started again. Later that same day we were back on the ride and this time the ride stopped when we were going up the second lift hill. They came and got us and evacuated us. We were only stuck for maybe 5 minutes but it was uncomfortable because of the angle we were stopped at. We got to walk through a little of Splash Mountain and came out the back. They gave us front of line passes which we used that night.

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