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  1. Came across this recently, posted beginning of January, in MiceChat.com ....


    Inside Disneyland Paris – A Meeting with Daniel Delcourt, Deputy CEO, Operations


    The following is the translation of part of a DLP Welcome interview with Chief Operating Officer of

    Disneyland Paris, Daniel Delcourt. The interview was conducted on December 21, 2015 at the Compass

    Lounge Club, Disney’s Newport Bay Club. This is the last paragraph of the interview...


    Finally, there was discussion about a project that should see the light of day beginning 2017 for the 25th anniversary which he referred to as

    Smart Media. Today, if your family of four comes to a Disneyland Paris hotel for two nights, you have room key cards, park tickets, breakfast tickets, dinner-show tickets, etc., you have over 54 tickets to manage! It can represent a loss of time for guest and Cast Members alike. This new system,

    in the form of a smart card, will consolidate guest tickets. The tests will begin by January 2016 hotel by hotel, until its official roll-out in early 2017.


    The final name of the program has not been determined yet. However, the card will be equipped with RFID technology.


    Thank you MAX for the interview!


    Sounds like what Disney World already has but with no tan lines!

  2. Probably not a popular opinion, but I have to say it.


    I went yesterday to experience to Harry Potter weekend expo and such. I arrived a mere 30 minutes after the park opened, and yet there was already a 90 minute wait just to get into the Expo. Same for the demonstrations/talks at Hollywood Bowl and Toon Lagoon.


    The only realistic way (without spending hours in line) to experience these things would be with a package that includes a hotel stay.


    As someone who 1) lives in Orlando and 2) has already spent almost $400 on a Premier Pass, I do not have the money nor resources to spend 3 nights in a hotel just to get priority access to all of the events. I know they offered a season pass package, but you still had to buy the hotel stay.


    It's unfortunate since I really wanted to check out the expo, but Universal seems to value those who will spend the $$ verses their passholders.


    Just my two cents.



    Or just get there early!

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