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  1. Sorry to hear about your horrible week...but thank you very much for the always fun and very entertaining trip reports. I always look forward to reading the next installment...whenever it may arrive!
  2. I think that Quick Queue is a life saver and an excellent value. We went to BGW on a Saturday night and only had 4 hours and got on everything and even had time for a couple of re-rides
  3. Robb, I know that you have a life and a job, but is there any chance with your connections that you would have a way to get clarification on the type of restraint that will be used on the ride? Thanks. Jeff "Those Intamin OTSR's just hit me in the wrong place" J.
  4. Big Man, just curious if you could hold off on posting the Phoenix Mikestery Card locations until I return from your neck of the woods this coming weekend? Thanks! Jeff "I brought the Arizona heat back east with me" J
  5. Jimmy, Hopefully Mike will be posting the pictures of those "surprises" in the near future. It was very nice meeting and hanging out with you yesterday...looking forward to the next time, whenever that may be. Jeff
  6. Big Man, I think you may be getting a little delirious from all of the driving...you may need to hit a rest stop! Hope to catch up with you and the Road Show in Phoenix.
  7. I will be at the park on the 12th, so I will provide my .02 at that time. Jeff "Boulder Dash was amazing 3 years ago and I can't wait to ride it again" J.
  8. Chuck, Thank you for your reply. I am not able to get to the park until around 6:00 P.M. unfortunately, and Saturday, August 8th is our only shot before Big Bad Wolf is gone.
  9. Chuck, or anyone else that could be of help, I have a couple of questions for you. First, I have never ridden Big Bad Wolf or even been to BGW for that matter, and I am attempting to plan to get to there in August. I am coming from Phoenix, and will only have the evening of August 8th to be at the park. I am assuming that with a concert on a Saturday night, the place will be packed. Do you know of any good discount coupons available locally, or I am stuck with the $50.00 twilight admission? How good is the Quick Queue system there and do you think it would help us to get onto most of the coasters in that short of a time period? Thank you. Jeff
  10. I am going to go with 6 bloody nose duckies...and if I am wrong, they will have more problems than just a bloody nose.
  11. ^^Oh, the memories of cruising MetroCenter...got into a whole bunch of trouble back then. I am planning on trying to meet up with you in Phoenix Mike, so maybe I can help to make that wait for them to run the coaster a little bit shorter. Jeff
  12. Oh, it was not just you Lady Bebe! Jeff "My head is firmly planted in the gutter" J.
  13. Chris, Which rim has the Skywalk? I have not been to the Canyon since that was opened, but perhaps the Big Man may be interested in seeing that.
  14. I will second that Big Man...I would also like to meet up with the Man, the Myth and the Legend that is Big Mike! I will be leaving Phoenix for my own little "Road Show" on the 9th, so hopefully I can meet up with you and any other TPR folks that join you before I head out.
  15. Thank you for the welcome spaceace12. I am a long time lurker, but felt like I just had to make my first post in the BMRS thread.
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